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5 Things To Know Before Having Massage Therapy

Maybe you are going to have a massage therapy for the first time or already experienced hundreds of massages, these tips will help you stay comfortable during your massage sessions.

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Having professional massage is a wonderful feeling. It is not just a way to get relax but also offers many other health benefits. A right massage therapy help with anxiety and stress, work out knots in your muscles, help with chronic pain and get your circulation pumping. By having a relaxing massage, you can even improve your sleeping pattern. However, while considering a professional massage, there are some things that you need to know to avoid facing awkward moments.

Here are the few things that you can ask your professional therapist to have a comfortable yet relaxing massage:

1. You Can Freely Request For High or Low Pressure

It is perfectly fine to ask your massage therapist for low or high pressure. They won’t take offense, in fact, they will please to know about your preferences so that they can make your therapy session more impactful. If you really want to stay comfortable, then it is better to explain your choices to them.

2. Avoid Using Aftershave or Perfume Before Getting Massage

Your perfume or aftershave may smell wonderful to the massage therapist, but your therapist may be allergic to perfume. And working closely for about an hour, may cause irritation to their nose and make them uncomfortable to work in that environment.

3. Be On Time

If you are heading to have a relaxing massage then the first principle is to reach on time. Generally, a massage therapist has accordingly scheduled their massage appointments for the whole day. When you are reaching 30 minutes late, it can be quite difficult for the therapist to accommodate their next client.

4. Have a Warm Shower Before Your Therapy

To reap the best benefits from your massage therapy, have a warm shower first. Having a long hot shower will help you relieve tension during the massage and enables you to enjoy the deep strokes of the massage therapy. In addition, feeling clean will mean fewer body insecurities and the therapist will appreciate your cleanliness for obvious reasons.

5. Avoid Eating Before Your Massage

Having a big meal before your massage therapy can cause a digestion problem. In fact, it may make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Your best bet is to eat light meals which will make you feel fuller and avoid ruining your experience.

Massage is the best way to make your body, soul, and mind relax, but it cannot be possible if you are feeling uncomfortable during your massage session.

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