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Want to Hunt Wild Hogs? Take Advantage of their Weaknesses

Wild hogs are truly an aggressive animal. Even their quick rate of reproduction, night-loving nature (that’s the time when they mostly attack), and flexible diet make them a dangerous species to hunt. But wild hog hunting is a game filled with adventure at every step of the way.

Many hunters are expressing their eagerness in knowing as to how to go about hunting these wild beasts that go on a rampage at any given time.

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So, here we share some of the most noticeable weaknesses of wild hogs.


Hogs are bound by their habits. They keep using the same path time and time again when searching for food.

Once you’ve determined the presence of a wild hog, which is often established by the presence of burrowing and splashes, you can go hog hunting if you make a firm use of practical tactics to figure out if the tracks hogs have left behind are fresh. If they are, it’s a sign that a hog is hiding closeby.

2.Noisy Behavior

Wild hogs are those animals that are not known for being quiet. They tend to make loud and aggressive squeaking sounds when mating and feeding. Their loud behavior works to the hunter’s advantage as they get to know the whereabouts of these swines.

3.Think with their Stomach

What probably can be the biggest weakness of wild hogs other than knowing the fact they’re always hungry? After all, they are a pig. It’ll be wise to use a wild hog’s appetite against them as you can tempt them to come out in the open.

4.Poor Eyesight

Well, wild hogs or boars would be found in a large number of areas when their sense is concerned. This is because they have a strong sense of smell allowing them to smell their prey up to 7 miles. They even have a capability to discover odors as far as 25ft underground. But if there’s one thing they are not strong on, it has to be their eyesight.

Their eyesight is extremely poor and not well developed when compared to other senses, which gives the hunter with a keen interest in hog hunting a great advantage to take that shot, especially when it comes to hunting at night.


There’s no getting around it, wild hogs are awfully difficult to take. With more than 500,000 wild hogs in Florida, these beasts are curious species that do not take a minute when it comes to wreaking havoc on wildlife and native crop. But you must know their weaknesses if you want to hunt them.

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