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Some Tips to Consider to Use a Dead Blow Hammer

A dead blow hammer is a type of hammer with an empty head filled with shot or sand. In other words, it’s a device that’s used for soaking up the tremors released when a hammer hits. This tools plays an essential role because it prevents causing a damage to a soft surface. Furthermore, it also reduces the rebound and gives a boost to the strike force of the hammer.

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Here are four useful tips that must be considered when it comes to properly using a dead blow hammer:

1.Use Safety Glasses

It’s important for you to know that this type of mallet consists of a lot of loose sand and other particles which are deemed necessary for breaking the vibrations made when a hammer strikes.

In addition, the striking surface of this hammer can be made from other materials as well that tear apart when collided with, and may send small silvers all over the workplace. This is the reason why this hammer isn’t recommended to strike moulds, drive nails or hit any other type of sharp object.

2.Don’t Strike the Hammer with Severe Force

The dead blow hammer can also be made from various types of materials including aluminum or polyurethane. These are the materials that are vulnerable to breaking when crashed into a hard surface with severe force. Even if this type of hammer doesn’t break after hitting it using a lot of force, this hammer will lose its life if it’s continuously used.

3.Store the Hammer in a Safe Place

Ensure that the dead blow hammer is stored in a safe place so it can be prevented from untimely damage that’s uncalled for, which can occur if the device is dropped by accident or by loading different tools on its top.

4.Use the Hammer on Small Jobs

If you want to use the hammer in a proper fashion, ensure that it’s being used on small jobs. In case this hammer is used for jobs requiring strong force, it will not last long. If truth be told, there are plenty of construction jobs that require demanding jobs, including hammering through walls, nails etc.

Keep in mind that this hammer should not be used in sensitive environments like the ones mentioned above, unless the durability of the casing of the dead blow hammer is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

A dead blow hammer is very effective since it lessens the stress which one’s elbow or wrists might feel while working with this device. Even though a dead blow hammer operates properly as a shock absorber, it can lead to a failed project when used improperly.

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