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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Creative Splashbacks

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, glass splashbacks are an innovative solution that you should adopt for improving your kitchen. So, here’s our 6 top reasons for why we think they fit so well in the kitchen.

Following are the reasons you should consider investing in creative kitchen splashbacks.

1. Enhance the Visual Appeal: First and foremost, as one of the most frequent spaces used in the home, there’s no good reason why a kitchen shouldn’t look its best. With the help of glass splashbacks, you can significantly enhance the appearance of any kitchen.

2. Can be Used Behind the Cooker: All glass splashbacks are constructed from heat resistant glass. This clearly means that they can be fitted behind your oven without there is any possibility of them cracking under extreme temperatures.

3. Easy to Maintain: Wherever they’re placed in your kitchen, they can prevent a range of cooking residue from making its way onto your walls and staining them. Not only that, any residue that hits your splashback can easily be wiped away, due to their smooth, easy-to-clean surface. The cleaning benefits are especially apparent when compared to tiling. Tiles have grouting between them, which is a hotbed for dirt build-up. The area of grouting is also more difficult to access, meaning it’s trickier to clean.

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4. Available in an Array: A glass splashback from Jack of Glass is available in an almost endless array of colours, cuts, designs, and finishes. With so much scope for customisation, it’s all up to you, you can create something that is highly unique. This means you can reflect your own personality and the fact of the matter is that your kitchen will stand out amongst the crowd.

5. Reflection: Glass splashbacks reflect light. Any natural light that seeps into your kitchen will be reflected around the room, making it appear a much brighter place. For an additional boost to light reflection, mirrored splashbacks are usually suggested by the professionals.

6. Easy to Clean: Unlike these tiles, there are no joins, seams or grout that basically results in reducing the potential for mould or bacteria growth. However, glass splashbacks can be cleaned and wiped with just a piece of cloth.

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