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Rani Jarkas – Expresses His Views on Why Boutique is Superior?

The Chairman of Cedrus Investments, Rani Jarkas, is an efficient and dependable executive who has an ability to overcome intricate business challenges. He even makes high-stake decisions using his sound judgment, strong work ethic and faultless integrity with over 2 decades of financial service industry experience.

Rani Jarkas, commented, “In my opinion, going to a bulge bracket firm is not just the ideal and most effective option for everyone. When you read the story below, you might find the answer.”

When unmanageable events occur that result in specific market sectors to crash, whether it’s due to a market failure, act of God or some other act of intervening, a well-informed money manager has to have the privilege to move assets to certain areas that are on the way up, or at most get out of the way of the ones that are plunging. In fact, a lot of people lost their pensions as well as other savings and investments during the 2008 decline because of certain restrictions.

One safe sanctuary that was not open to several money managers in the last financial crisis was nothing but the option of moving to liquid assets. The dishonor of moving cash to assets is based on urban myth, which is reproduced by institutions that have stressed on the fact that investors should give custody of their money to those individuals that were to going to make an investment in reality.

Some people live with a mistaken belief that globalization has shortened the world. From Rani Jarkas’ point of view, the world still seems quite huge and distinct place where opportunities can be grabbed everywhere. Considering this perspective, it made better sense to create effective products with built-in flexibility to economic environments and market conditions without any restraints to specific sectors or geographical focus.

The growth of the independent boutique firm is proof to these ideas knowing the fact where to mark X on the wall by developing and using innovative products which are based on exploring markets and various opportunities all across the globe.

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