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Why Organizations Need Asset Management

If your company isn’t investing much in asset management, then maybe you are losing both time and money. It has been observed that if you have properly implemented asset tracking techniques, then it will improve your customer service, streamline your business services, help lower your administrative costs, and eventually allow you to scale your business upwards with ease.

Organizations are under ever greater pressure to maximize the value of corporate assets, from heavy machinery and medical devices, to property, IT equipment and even office furniture. Asset management can transform asset value by minimizing downtime, avoiding duplication and improving both resource utilization and tax efficiency.

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Understanding Asset Management

Ranging from initial design to manufacture or purchase, Effective asset management spans every aspect of the asset life cycle through maintenance, renewal and disposal. With a single source of information, asset management software ensures complete visibility of asset use, performance and location across the company, from finance to facilities.

In addition to tracking each asset throughout its life, an Enterprise Asset Management solution enables organizations to transform asset performance through improved maintenance processes. An integrated solution will also support asset accounting, compliance and decision making.

Benefits of Asset Management

1. Improves Management: Your business produces a variety of digital assets every day. This rise in production means that your employees are handling more files and information than ever before. However, this also has a negative impact on productivity because employees are spending a good amount of their time searching for files that they need to complete projects and serve clients.

2. Minimizes Cost: One of the main problems that businesses face with managing their digital assets is files becoming inadvertently lost or destroyed. Think of how many resources and employee hours go into creating images, videos, documents and other content for your business. To protect your digital assets and save company time, DAM provides faster creation, storage, search and distribution of your business digital assets.

3. Enhance Repurposing of Files: Producing digital assets means getting as much value out of them as you can. This is achieved by using them in as many projects and related content as possible. For businesses without a DAM solution, this can be very difficult to achieve in a cost-effective way. Aside from requiring extra storage to house redundant files while risking improper usage of digital assets, businesses can waste money as employees can make redundant or  small adjustments to content.

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