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What You Need to Know About a Private Jet Empty Leg

You may read or heard about the term “empty leg”. Well, this term is used for describing a discounted private jet flight, but you might not be able to comprehend what an empty leg is all about. Of course, you want to make the most of these discounted private jet flights.

So what is an empty leg?

An empty leg, also called an empty sector, is the return portion of a booked one-way charter flight. The private jet needs to fly empty to be able to reposition itself for the next customer. Or, it can make a comeback to its home base.

Over 30 percent of private jets are flying without passengers nowadays. The reason is they need to be in position for the next booked flight, or to return to home base. These are the empty flights.

Did we tell you that empty legs are a great way to charter private charter flights at low rates?

Absolutely! If truth be told, you can find empty leg flights that are being advertised at 75% cheaper. Can it get any better than this?

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What are the characteristics of an empty leg?

Other than the additional great advantages provided by an empty leg private flight, an empty leg flight also has certain restrictions. This is because these private jets take to the air for no particular reason on that specific day or time.

Here are some distinct characteristics of an empty leg:

  • It’s always a fixed flight
  • These are always one way flights, but there are empty leg service providers that offer a return flight as well
  • It’s always a last minute flight. This is because an empty leg is announced a couple of weeks before the departure
  • The empty leg flight always has an affordable price

Why are empty leg flights cheaper?

If private flights always flew their passengers round-trip, empty legs would not exist. And more often than not, passengers on these flights stay at their chosen destination for more than a few days.

It’s a known fact that a private jet sits on the ground at an airport located abroad costs the operator a considerable amount of money in airport fees as well as housing the flight crew.


They are one way private jet flights without any passengers on board. In most cases, these empty legs have been paid for partially by the original flyer. This is the reason why these flights are offered at discounted rates.

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