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Why Massage Therapy Is Advised For Women Health?

Massage therapy is meant to bring the relaxation and relief from stress and physical discomforts. It is proved that massage helps in mood swings and stress, but having a therapist’s assistance maintains your health when imbalanced hormones affecting your overall health.

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Many women face a lot of changes in their body. Sometimes, with goods and some with bad, hormonal changes come up in the lives of women at every stage. With the changing hormonal levels, they end up with a dissatisfied behavior, a lot of aggression, anxiety and mood swings.

Mid-age women often face mood swings, fluctuations and a lot of troubling behavior which makes you anxious. Sometimes, even the most entertaining friends and family would suddenly leave you a feeling of overwhelmed or irritable.

Hormones imbalance caused the overreaction to every second thing that never used to faze you before. It brings a lot of physical and psychological change in your life along with grief and general troubles.

Many massage therapists believe that the regular massage is beneficial to the health and overall well being of a woman. Especially, during the time of increased stress and tough physical condition. A woman’s hormonal disease is completely relevant to the level of stress.

Sympathetic State of Hormonal Imbalance

Everyone who comes up with lots of stressful complexities would find this stage quite tough to cope with. Cortisol is the “stress hormone” and our body moves between two main states – the sympathetic what’s called as flight mode which triggers the autonomic nervous system’s stress hormones and starts adrenal response. Sometimes, it triggers freeze response which evolves in humans and our muscle remains tensed and turns on the tension and knows on our muscles.

Parasympathetic State of Hormonal Imbalance

But a study has shown that massage can assist our body shifting into the parasympathetic state. By reducing Cortisol and Excitatory hormones such as Norepinephrine and epinephrine levels and increasing Dopamine and serotonin, you can enjoy the overall well being.

Massage helps in balancing your hormones but it takes time so you should know the right treatment to achieve sustainable results. For muscles, it takes more time to get stressed and going to take some more time to reverse that stress. Serotonin boosting massage is recommended the most help people improve the release of good hormones. However, look for the amazing benefits you should consider with overall balanced diet.

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