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Make Your Hog Hunting Easier With These Best Hog Dogs

Hog hunting with dogs has become quite popular in many parts of the country these days. If you wish to learn more about this practice, then you are right place as this blog will help you know that which are the best hog dogs that enable you to conduct successful hog hunt.

Hog Hunting Dog






Hunting hogs with dogs have a 96% higher success rate than killing these wild boars with other methods. Most hunters hunt these boars with refiles whereas others with a bow, but have you ever try hunting these hogs with the dogs? This blog will guide you which dog breeds will help you make your hog hunting far easier and safer.

Here are the few best hog dogs that can help you get closer to your hog:

1. Pitbull

The pitbull’s build is perfect for taking down the wild boar. Pitbull is actually known for the locking bite that really makes your hog hunting easier. This bread may be good for hunting dogs but some would say that they are quite risky around the children. The pitbull has an immense jaw and superb strength that can strongly bite the hog.

2. Black Mouth Cur

The blackmouth cur can be a multi-use dog as it can be a great option for the hog hunting as well as a perfect loving family dog. He will keep the family members safe and protect the people around him. They typically have a black snout that blends into a golden coat. They are very smart, strong and can be used for many purposes.

3. Mountain Cur

He is one of the most trusted dogs for the early settlers of Virginia. They have the powerful smelling power that helps them track the wild hogs with ease. They have a brindle coat which means a multi-color coat and patches on all over their body.

4. American Bulldog

This type of dog is considered a classic catch dog and is used primarily as a working dog. The American bulldog is highly protective for people and good around kids with limited distance. In fact, they have a long history dealing with the wild pigs in the south.

5. Redbone

The redbone dog is a classic hunting dog which has been used for years to track these wild hogs. Redbones are kind of athletic dogs that are intelligent, with great noses to track down scents. They are also known as Bay Dogs.

These are the few best hog dogs that can cut down the risk of tracking and kill these hogs. Since most of them have strong and sharp jawline that can easily lock the bite on the hogs and easily track them down.

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