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List of the Best Rifles and Handguns for Hog Hunting

When you are planning a hunting trip, it is important to look for the types of hunting rifles and handguns. You may require these ammunitions for ensuring you hunt your prey successfully without facing any failure. You should choose the right gun or rifle which should work properly to hunt the right prey from the ideal distance.

Best Rifles and Handguns







These days, wild boar hunting has become a choice of most people. People have started opting hog hunting which keeps growing in popularity. Feral hog populations are increasing at a rapid pace so the hunters are opting this option to spend an exciting weekend.

Let’s know the list of best rifles and hand guns before you plan a hunting trip


The Winchester Model 94 is the best for hunting a wild boar which later becomes a top deer hunting rifle with its smokeless .30-30 chambering. Many owners of Winchester Model 94 have tried hunting wild boar hunting using this rifle. This is a large and loyal ammunition for hunters to hunt a wild boar. It has an ability to target a hog at 150 yards or less.


The WINCHESTER MODEL 70 IN .30-06 is designed as the best-hunting arms ever made for hunters. It is a perfect ammunition for hunting deer, bear, moose and caribou as well as a hog. It works really well in the wide space or over 200 yards to hunt a wild boar.


Don’t miss this MARLIN CLASSIC MODEL 1895 .45-70 which will ensure to take on the largest hogs at close ranges. When you plan a hunting trip with friends, don’t forget to keep this perfect ammunition in your hunting kit. You can hit a big hog in the shoulder area perfectly using this gun.


Hunters who often follow a big-size wild boar in thick swamps would get the definite results using the .444 in the Marlin. Among all models introduced to the hunters, this comes up with the assured results as a fine hog whacker out to 250 yards which make it a superb hog caliber.


This is a mid-range cartridge which is similar to a 30-30 in ballistics. However, AAC MICRO 7 IN 300 AAC BLACKOUT round was designed with suppression which targets a hog to hit the target at the right area. These rifles are fast pointers as well as extremely comfortable to handle, carry and initiate a shot to ensure the success.

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