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Lisbon – The Portuguese Appeal will Remain with You for Eternity

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Every reason make for the fact why Lisbon often goes disregarded for its European cousins. But Lisbon has never backed off when it comes to luring more and more travelers not only from the UK but every corner of the world. This is because what they will find in the attention-grabbing Portuguese capital cannot be found in any other destination in the world. Situated along the south of Portugal’s west coast, this enigmatic European cannot be avoided for what it has preserved in its store for long.

I’ll be completely honest with you!

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A few of my close friends held a different picture altogether that seemed totally different from the one I had in mind prior to getting on board the British Airways flight. They tried their best to take me on persuasion as to not let me take to the air to Lisbon and I still have no clue regarding why they tried to cause an unnecessary delay in my plan for the city that had been spinning around in my mind for years. Yes, it’s true! So much I heard about Lisbon back when I was working on a charitable mission in one of the African cities that it really took me by surprise. What I found that wandering in and around Lisbon was absolutely safe not only for foreign tourists in groups but also a woman traveling solo. All I had in mind was to compare flight tickets to Lisbon so I could be on the next flight bound to leave for the Portuguese city’s Portela Airport from London Heathrow.

I am a proud nomad who’s been traveling all by herself for long, and never I felt the need for a company. Lisbon came across as a compelling city for me that made my long-awaited weekend break come to life. That’s exactly what I was looking for! And I was determined enough that I shall not Lisbon let go off my sight as it’s been letting me go every time I decided to explore its rich historical and cultural heritage. What if I told you that I was really seduced by the charm of Tejo River as it took a sudden turn leaving me breathless? When the sun took a plunge into the river, I wished for the moment to come to a halt for good, but I had to move on checking out other places as well.

When I returned to my homeland, I was online to compare flights to Lisbon. I could not get Lisbon off my mind.

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I fell in love with Lisbon the moment I got off from the plane. And my love would remain unconditional for this city as it’d brought me some great memories. Did I tell you that I met a Portuguese woman while on my tour in the city? She could  not speak much English neither I was well-versed with her mother tongue. But I thought she’s the one for me for she took my breath away at the very first sight. And I was lucky to have explored some of the finest tourist attractions because I had someone with me. St George’s Castle, Belem Tower, Lisbon Cathedral, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, and Gulbenkian Museum were some of the spots I had in my to-do list.

I had the best time in Lisbon! I I really did! I went shopping, shook a leg or two at some of the best nightclubs, and what not.

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