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Top Korean Romantic Stories That You Can’t Afford To Miss in 2017

If you are one of those Korean music, movie or drama lover- then this article is surely for all you fans out there. Many time you felt emotional, amazed and mesmerized all those dialogues and scenes after watching Korean dramas. Be it a romantic stories, drama, comedy or action movies, you always remember its story line.

Korean Romantic Stories





So in this blog, some of the best romantic stories have been outlined that you never afford to miss this year. Every Korean romantic story has something new to show you. Let’s take a look at these best Korean romantic stories of the year that will directly touch your heart.

My Secret Romance: “My Secret Romance” is a perfect lighthearted drama in which Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun are the lead models. Both Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun are starred in this sweet romantic comedy story which is hard to keep it hidden. Sung Hoon is a second-generation chaebol who has been belong to a rich family. He was a playful guy who threw only for parties. In fact, for him, love was a short-term thing. Whereas Song Ji Eun never has a boyfriend and an innocent girl. Both fall in love with each other, but the truth is not so simple. So watch out the complete series of “My Secret Romance” to know all about the misconceptions and complication they have faced into their relationship.

Marriage Not Dating: This hit romantic comedy was a fan favorite and you will definitely like it. Min Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin are the main characters of this romantic story who proves that even the biggest lies cannot stop real love from finding its way. You will watch how these people manage all the twist and turn that they face in their love life.

Across the Ocean, To See You: Looking for another aggressive and strong female lead? This hilarious and romantic Chinese drama fits the bill. The Wang Li Kun and Zhu Ya Wen are playing key roles in this story. This drama proves that opposites do attract and it’s never too late to find love. All the love story will revolve around this concept, but ultimately she has to experience the pain of divorce in her relationship.

So which new romantic story will you be watching first?

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