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What Makes Catchy Korean Tunes Easier To Memorize?

Have you found those Korean tunes bit complicated to understand? Do these songs are bit difficult to memorize? Well, Korean language itself is complicated to learn but by listening such songs which make you feel relaxed and easily stuck in your head, you can easily get the meaning of the lyrics. For picking such easy k-pop songs, you need to understand what exactly makes these tunes complicated and difficult.

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Korean pop songs are filled with modern cultures, catchy Korean phrases, lively beats, amazing melody and crazy grooves that make you feel good but sometimes these outstanding songs are difficult to understand. Do you want to sing all these songs with fluency and memorize all those lyrics? If yes, then have a look at the points what makes these catchy melodies easier.

What things make these catchy Korean tunes easier to understand and memorize? Here are the few common things have been rounded up for polishing your Korean songs listening skills.

Slow Rhythm: Undoubtedly, you may like listening all those popular Korean pop songs which are featured with energetic groove but if these songs are too difficult to understand, then try to pick some songs with a slow rhythm. The slow music of the song will help you pay more attention to its lyrics instead its beats. Listening such relaxed Korean songs is a good way to eliminate all the distracting musical components and shift your attention to the Korean words only.

Clear Pronunciation and Simple Language: Some songs are really difficult to follow despite being debuted in your native language. The vocal styling and unusual phrases can increase the difficulty level of the lyrics and make it difficult to pronounce. It’s important to select songs with crisp pronunciation. If you are new to the Korean language, you need to pick songs from the singers who clearly pronounce every word. Slow rap songs can be particularly easy to sung as it involves slower, cleaner and easy words.

Rapid Repetition: Repetition of the phrases makes it easier for the listener to remember the lyrics without much effort. In fact, you can easily memorize the words and sing it properly without even reading the words. So a song with all those catchy lyrics and repeated lines can be the best choice for you to get there faster. Songs including Arirang, Mountain Bunny, Three Bears, The Story of Kap Do-li and Kap Soo-ni, Time, The Empty Space For You, Lonely and so on are the few popular easy songs that can listen if you are not so good in the Korean language.

If you are like learning the Korean language through songs, you’ll love listening such relaxed Korean tunes which are released with slow composition, easy lyrics, and catchy grooves. Pick the Korean songs by keeping in mind all these three points, to enjoy your tune to the fullest.

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