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Why Is Kpop Taking Place In the United States Than Jpop and Cpop?

There is no wonder in this fact that Kpop has become quite popular at international stage as compared to Cpop and Jpop. The quality of kpop music is just remarkable that easily touch the strings of your heart and encourage you to listen to the Kpop OSTs again and again. Despite being young and belongs to a small town, the Korean music idols have a long way to go.

Kpop Music







The quality of Korean music and videos is much higher than the Japanese and Chinese pop. Kpop albums are not only featured with up-beats and but also integrate the superb choreography that actually make these Kpop albums amazing over other music albums. The biggest reason behind getting immense popularity is that Kpop artists have the caliber to make their music stuff interesting and eye-captivating over Jpop and Cpop.

Let’s get into the deep comparison of Kpop, Cpop and Jpop:

Kpop V/S Cpop

Kpop is majorly known for the entire audio-visuals, whether it be an emotional, comedy and romantic OSTs. Korean artists are generally more talented, interesting and skilled artists as compared to the Chinese artists.

●Cpop always seems a few years behind kpop, whether it be music, trends, fashions or choreography.
●As because China is lacking to provide good protecting intellectual property, it is obvious that music industry will not thrive as well.
●Furthermore, Chinese artists tend to more conservative and majorly focus on their tradition.
●Whereas Koreans are little extrovert and they don’t have a long history to follow, so they adopted a western culture and ideas into their profession.

Kpop V/S Jpop

●While comparing the Jpop with Kpop, you will find that Jpop videos are quite boring and weird to watch as these videos have been featured on such unpleasant concepts. Whereas Kpop videos are based on interesting concepts.

●Both Jpop and Kpop has tons of annoying bubblegummy pop, but Jpop has more.
Undoubtedly, Korean stars always look better than Jpop stars. They may wear flashy makeup or gone through with cosmetic surgeries but no one can contest this fact.

This detailed comparison between kpop, Jpop and Cpop have cleared the fact that why Kpop is getting so popular in the United States over other music industries.

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