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Korean Pop Music Success and Popularity in America

Why Is Kpop So Popular In America? There’s no surprise that Kpop has set the benchmark in the various music industries and have influence people of various countries. And America is one of those where Kpop fans are tremendously increasing day-by-day.

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K-pop nowadays has been gaining thousands of followers and American fans that have been claiming and asking to their local music stations to play Kpop videos or musical programs for promoting Kpop music locally as well. People not only love these Korean artists but also madly follow them, which is one of the major reasons behind the success of Kpop in America and other countries of the Asia.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that initially the Asian culture has been started following in the American countries and then spread to the other counties. This Korean Pop Music wave has influenced many people outside the Korea and keep increasing their fandom in the other parts of the Asia.

Here are the few statistics that reflect huge popularity and influence of Kpop in America:

●According to the studies, it has been noticed that there is a huge growth in the number of American fans. In 2014, Americas has 7.58 million fans and in 2015 it has been increased to 12% and reached to 804.

●In just one year, America’s Kpop fandom has grown to 2.69 million fans to 7.58 million, but that was a year ago data.

●In just a short span of time, more and more Americans have started liking the Kpop music. Some of the fans are witnessed to the real growth of Kpop. When you compare the Kpop growth with the other music forms, you will be surprised to know how quickly it has spread to all over the Asian Countries.

●One of the biggest things that most American artists have adopted from the Kpop music is, they have learned how to make their videos more interesting and engaging by putting more efforts on dancing and live concerts.

This is how Kpop keeps spreading their magic on the Americans and increasing their fandom. You can go through these statistics that clearly reflects the success of Kpop in America.

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