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Find The List of Best KPOP Online Music Stores

Are you out of Korea and looking for the best platform to buy original Korean drama OST and CD collection? If so, then here you can find the list of online stores which are safe and secure to buy online Korean music CDs and Albums…

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As the global popularity of K-pop has grown over the years, more and more online vendors have sprung to satisfy the needs of Korean music lovers. It can sometimes be confusing that which store is better and cheaper? Which store gives you the easily shopping process and quickest shipping? Well, all these things are depending upon the number of issues but here are the few most popular online shops have been mentioned below for your quick reference.

Here are the reviews of Korean online music stores:

1. Catchop-CD

One of the great thing that users have to find about this Korean based music store is that all CD collection is available at very affordable prices, on-time shipping and products have been packed in wonderful protective packing. They may seem to be a smaller store, but it is always ready to supply bulk orders. They also use an insane amount of bubble wrap to increase the protection layer of the precious CDs.

2. YesAsia

YesAsia was the oldest Korean music store and also offer free shipping with the minimum order of $39 but don’t provide you latest as well as old collection. They offer discount prices only on the bulk order so YesAsia may not be the cheapest way to buy a single album or CD.

3. Korean Mall

They try to deliver the CDs quickly with minimum shipping rates but all the shipping rates are calculated based on weight, dimension, origin and final destination. However, they also offer free shipping for specific items.

4. Music Plaza

Music Plaza is the other online music store that has been providing a variety of music to music lovers located in Southern California for over 21 years. Kpop music CDs, Video CDs, DVDs are available for purchase here.

5. Amazon

Amazon is not quite famous for selling Kpop stuff. However, you can still get Kpop albums and CDs at very affordable prices.

If you are a Korean music lover and looking for the best online music store to buy all latest music releases at an affordable price then these are the few stores that you can consider for your purchase.

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