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7 Outstanding Female Rappers of K-pop Group

Every music industry has female singers but Kpop has some of the amazing ones. The Korean beauties are not only blessed with the heart-touching vocal quality but also seems highly talented. The Korean music entertainment world has many female rappers who have actually set the benchmark into this industry with their different rapping style and never-ending personality.

Female Kpop Rappers






Here is a small list of the Korean female artists who have made their stamp in the Korean music industry.

1. Sonamoo’s D.ana

D.ana has recently entered into this music industry and recently made her debut with the girl group SONAMOO. Despite being a newcomer, D.ana has some mad rapping and lyrics writing skills.

2. Wonder Girl’s Yoobin

This is true that she is not much pretty but hold on, she can easily make you fall in love with her deep rapping style. Don’t let her make you fool with her false beauty!

3. Exid’s LE

She has begun her career as an underground rapper with the name of Elly. LE has risen as a recognized rapper in the k-pop industry with various features and later collaborated with Huh Gak, HyunA, The SeeYa, and more. This is no surprise that rapping really comes easily to her.

4. Yoon Mi Rae

Yoon Mi Rae, known as a Queen of South Korean Rap. This lady is highly talented to whom you can say an all-in-one package with the ability to sing and rap her own songs. She has got the swagger, the fierceness in this Korean Music industry.

5. Gilme

As like Yoon Mi Rae, Gimme is also an experienced and one of the top vocalists and rapper. As a rapper, she’s got her own unique rhythmic tone that perfectly reflects her personality and attitude.

6. Brown Eyed Girls Miryo

Brown Eyed Girls are basically an OG girl group, who have been consistently topping in Korean entertainment industry. Miryo is the one who is known for her freestyle rapping styles. The real fact about Miryo is that she is a beautifully feminine and her rapping style is like icing on the cake.

7. Tymee

She was actually known as E.via, Tymee is the gained nickname of the rapper. Due to her outstanding abilities to rap at a high rhythm per minute makes her stand out of the industry.

These the few Korean most popular female rappers of Korean entertainment music industry, who have been born with beauty with brains and amazing vocal qualities.

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