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5 Uncommon Facts About The Korean Boys Band BTS

Do you really like a BTS-Korean boy band? Of Course yes, everybody loves to listen, watch and follow BTS Korean band whether he is a fan of pop music or not. Do you know that 2016 is the best year for BTS as in 2016 the world has actually seen BTS top numerous charts and break several music records? In fact, they have to make the history without having any English singles and they were names as an “Artist of the year”. That’s not all! There are many more things that you may not know about this Korean band.

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Here are some of the unique facts that every Korean music lovers must know about the BTS.

1. Do You Know Their Full Name?

When the group has been released, the group name actually sound bit cheesy as they originally named as a Bangtan Sonyeondan, but thanks to its Cub Scout- inducing name. Luckily the group has picked BTS as their English language tag that can easily remember and pronounced by the on-Korean fans as well.

2. BTS Mostly Writes Their Own Music

Big hit entertainment surely gives BTS a complete freedom to compose their own songs and provide the support of their expert members that help them participating in writing and developing their own amazing songs.

3. BTS Are Multilingual

The great thing about BTS Korean group is that they are able to speak multiple languages which is one of the most common problems with another korean artist. According to reports, one of their band members, Rap Monster can fluently speak English and The more appealing thing is that he is self-taught. Furthermore, he can speak Japanese as fluently as he speaks English.

4. BTS Is A Highly Talented Group

Before Rap Monster was discovered by Big Hit, he was already an underground rapper and was even in the same crew as Zico of Block B.

5. BTS Are VIPs

You might watch and listen to various Korean pop musical groups but BTS are one of the VIP band groups that has been followed by millions of Korean fans. In fact, BTS considers BIGBANG as their inspiration and role model.

These are the few cool things that you must know if you love following BTS Korean band group. They all are not only talented but also amazing entertainers.

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