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5 Top-Rated Korean Pop Songs To Lift Up The Thrill Of Your Road Trip

Are you one of those who has been fond of traveling? Tank full your car and prepare your playlist with these most popular Korean songs to make your long distance road trips more excited and happening.

There are a number of talented Korean pop singers who have actually take this music industry to the new heights by releasing the albums that directly touch your heart and pump up the excitement. In this highly competitive scenario, it is actually difficult to rule your fans heart and keep providing the impactful songs. However, there are such Kpop singers which can be never replaced by anyone. So this blog will provide you the list of most amazing songs that can really make your trip more joyful.

Korean Pop Songs

Here’s the list of 5 top-rated kpop songs that can boost your excitement:

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon- You’re My Garden

Whether you are in a relationship or not, the Korean pop singer “Kim Chung Ha” will definitely remind you the wonderful butterflies you get when you start falling in love with someone. Thinking about Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s love story which is just enough to put a smile on your face.

2. Tomorrow With You – Flower

No matter whether you’re going with your family, friends or boyfriend, this song will definitely cherish the beautiful moments that you have spend with a special person on your road trip. So listen to this songs and think about all beautiful people who have a special place in your life.

3. My Secret Romance- Song For Love

When you first heard this song in the background of My Secret Romance, you’ll surely be touched. It is a rare chance to listen to any English track on a K-drama which is well written and sung in a beautiful voice.

4. Love in Trouble- Why You

This is the song that can make your passengers dancing madly after listening to this song. So crank up the volume and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

5. The Best Hit – Dream

It is a perfect song to play while going on your dream vacations. This is the song which is perfect for all the hip-hop lovers in your squad.

Make your playlist ready with these all top rated Korean songs to make your ride really memorable for you and other passengers. These are the few songs that will keep your excitement up, up and up throughout the trip and avoid making you feel sleepy.

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