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5 Most Successful Korean Beauties of 2017

There is no denying this fact that over the years, Korean industry has achieved great popularity internationally but still it is rapidly developing and trying to come closer to the most famous film industries like Hollywood. When it comes to the Korean white beauties, they are not only been talked about in many countries because of their trendy fashion styles but also of their beautiful faces. In fact, the Korean industry is really packed with hot and drizzling females stars. While there are so many successful Korean beauties but here some of the top five beauties of 2017. The names are carefully shortlisted by gathering the top picks from several blogs.

Korean Beauty

Here are the 5 most popular Korean beauties of the year:

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young has made her first debut in the entertainment industry when she did her very initial commercial advertisement for SK Telecom. She has proved that not only she has been blessed with beautiful skin but also able to do some wonderful acting. Furthermore, she has been awarded as an excellent actress in a Mid-length drama given by the Korean broadcasting system.

2. Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo is one of the most famous actresses in the television series and Korean film industry. She rules on her fan’s heart and made the film industry more modern. Not only that, she has also set some of the new trends in her films by her skills.

3. Yoon Eun Hye

How can you forget about this south Korean beauty? Yoon Eun Hye is a lady full of talent, skills and versatile abilities. Undoubtedly, she is a multi talented Korean actress. An amazing singer, a wonderful actress, role model and a successful director.

4. Park Shin-Hye

Another successful yet popular south Korean actress that has set new trends in the Korean industry. Park Shin-Hye has done many dramas successfully i.e. You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, Flower Boys Next Door and The Heirs.

5. Bae Suji

The ambassador of 16th Goyang Korea Flower Show Bae Suji, a South Korean actress, generally known for her playhouse name Suzy. She is one of the pin-up singers, rappers, performers, dancers and models who have made a successful career in Korean film industry.

These are the few Korean beauties who have made a successful career in Korean film industry and make their country popular at international level.

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