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5 Perfect Korean Drama Songs For Your Long Distance Road Trips

Have your car’s tank full of the fuel and packed up all the snacks? Then what your missing? Lift up your mood by having the perfect playlist and boost the fun of your road trip.

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There is no denying this fact that Korean dramas are incomplete without these K-drama songs. The unique Korean drama background music actually makes these series more interesting. So narrow down the most amazing songs of this years and have a playlist of the hottest K-drama tracks of this year that can really double your travel fun. Korean music industry itself has so many catchy tracks but nothing can beat the fun of listening to these most emotional drama’s songs. And when it comes to long-distance road trips, it is important to have most popular and energizing songs on your playlist to avoid boredom and laziness.

So here are the few popular Korean songs that you can opt for your road trips:

1. One More Step- B1A4’s Sandeul

Start your drive with this most amazing song that makes you feel fresh and energized throughout the journey. This song actually perfectly described Eun Hwan Ki’s hesitation and his heart-touching feelings.

2. Pit-a-Pat – Kim Chung Ha

Whether you like her or not, Kim Chung Ha will definitely make you feel all those butterflies that you feel at the initial stage of any relationship. The sweet love story of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk is enough to put a smile on your face.

3. Flower-Seo In Guk

Cherish the time you spend with your family and kids on your road trips. Seo In Guk remind you the value of having beautiful people in your life. This soundtrack can make your trip more beautiful and memorable for long years.

4. It’s Ok – Red Velvet’s Joy Feat Lee Hyun Woo

Narrowing down the right songs for your road trip is quite a challenging task but this is a perfect refreshing song for the road trips.

5. Song For Love – LYn

This is the most popular background music of “My Secret Romance” that really touch the strings of your heart. Once you will listen to this song you’ll definitely play it on repeat.

Make your road trips more fun filled by simply upgrading your playlist with these amazing songs. These songs will make definitely make you feel refreshed and happy throughout your entire trip.

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