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5 Best Kpop Songs To Lift Up Your New Year Celebrations

Pump up the festive feel by adding these upbeat kpop songs to your playlist.

Undoubtedly, some of the top kpop bands have actually take Korean music industry to the new heights and add a new feather of achievement into the kpop industry. While the kpop music industry has been rapidly flourished, 2017 has given some of the extremely rewarding music to make a happy goodbye. So make your New Year Eve celebration more exciting with a good music party and play again those all popular kpop songs in your party that has special space in your heart.

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Here’s the list of the most popular number that has ruled the chart all through the year and can make your night more special:

1. BTS, Blood Sweat and Tears

The year, 2017 was purely ruled by the outstanding musical performance given by the BTS group. This song is the perfect example which explains you why it deserves to be in top ten throughout the year. Its intense rap sessions, strong vocal deliveries and perfect upbeats make this song unbeatable.

2. Wonder Girls, Why So Lonely

This song embracing the most distinct touch of 70’s feel. Why So Lonely, will leave your emotions dissolving in the unaccented beats of the song. The amazing lyrics and that shard voice of the singer will directly hit your heart.

3. EXO, Monster

This is the song that actually explains you why EXO is the king of Kpop music. They always feature their albums with dark, hip-hop beats combining with the usual pop music, can create magical environment for the listeners.

4. Taeyeon, 11:11

It is another calming song that can make your night celebrations more special. Her soft vocal quality will not only touch the strings of your heart but also set a perfect party ambience and make your event more special.

5. Taeyeon, My Voice

My Voice is a playful song at times as it has been featured with crispy beats and sassy rap that actually make this song perfect for the special parties.

These are the few most popular songs that can make your celebration fun double. You can add these songs to your party playlist to rock the New Year Eve.

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