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Know These Common FAQs Before Building a Log House

If you prefer to make decisions smartly by evaluating the pros and cons of our decision, you must check out these common FAQs before building a log house. Your decision requires a halt so, be careful before making an expensive mistake.

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Are Log house warm enough? Can we stay there during winters without a heating system?

People lived in log houses without any additional heating system for many years. The heat resistance of timber is lower than the brick and concrete, it regulates the micro-climate of the premises that keeps the stable humidity with the natural ventilation system. So, it becomes easier to live in a log house without the need of insulation.

Is it possible to build a modern log house? I need to build a log house but not like a rustic farmhouse.

A log house doesn’t always need to build like a rustic farmhouse. You can customize the interiors and exteriors as per your needs. A log house has its own unique appeal that you can modify as per your ease which depends upon your expertise.

Without hiding the logs, is this possible to build a modern log house?

The interior design and construction type depends on your imagination. You will be freed to choose the lighting, ceiling, walk-through rooms and leveled floors as per your wish. You can make a good use of some material that can be used to design the interiors in such a manner that hides the logs. You can also match the timbers to glass, metal and different stone surfaces of your choice.

I want to build a log house, but have no idea where to start and how to build it?

Consider these factors before designing a log house:

Who is going to love in this?
What are the needs of inhabitants?
Are you expecting guests also?
Is this just a summer house, outhouse or going to be a permanent residence?
Which location did you prefer to build a log house?
What is your construction budget?
What type of interior are you going to create?
What are the additional elements you want to have at your home?

Which type of log house is the best – manual or machine processed?

It depends on your choice, whether you wish to choose a timber house that displays the uniqueness with the different construction type and manual method or you need to give your log house a complete civilized look with the machine processing. A log house which is manually made is completely different from a machine processed home.

These are some common FAQs that should be considered before you make a big investment to build a log house.

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