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What Important Things do You need To Know About Hog Hunting?

If you are new to his hog hunting and looking for the right hunting tips and skills, it is advised you to check out these 3 most important things about hog hunting.

No matter whether you are planning your hunting trip in Florida or any other country, hog hunting always comes with new set of challenges which might be dangerous for new hunters. If you are one of those who never being there for hog hunting, then it is right to know about this adventurous hog hunting.

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Here are the 3 common things that you need to know about hog hunting:

1. Hogs are Smart

Hogs are as smart as like dogs. According to study, these wild pigs could do the same cognitive tasks that chimpanzees could do, which means that hogs don’t handle pressure, they remember and act smartly. When hogs feel pressure, they either move on or become worse. The wild hogs are not easy to hunt as they are quite smart and quick to learn.

2. Always on The Move

You never spot them sitting alone in the forest. When hogs are on their feet, they are moving. When feeding in a field at the feeder they always move alone and when they are grouped they make lots of noise. So when you are on hunting, it is important to remember and stay alert.

3. Never Fool The Nose

Hogs may not have the best eyesight but they have the strong smelling power that allows them to spot you easily. Also, they do have a solid hearing but the best defense is to stay away from his nose. 99.9 % of the time you will not fool the nose of the hog.If the wind is wrong, it’s become difficult to fool the hognose. According to the survey, hogs can sense some odors from as far away as 5-7 miles and detect odors underground as far as 25ft.

These are the common things that you need to remember while planning your hunting trip. Stay safe and alert by knowing few important facts about hog hunting.

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