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Importance of Log Homes in Terms of Energy Efficiency

No doubt about the fact that log homes are stunning in every sense of the word, but are they really the right choice in the energy domain? If we consume a less amount of energy, the impact will be much easier on everything we can possibly think of. But the question arises here “How do log homes “stack up?”

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Truly speaking, several studies have really been performed comparing the levels of energy efficiency of log homes to those that are constructed in a standard way. Well, you must have seen a standard framed wall with pink insulation in it, but have you seen a log wall? What is the type of insulation that it gives?

It’s important for you to know that a log has its own insulation which is built into it, which is known as thermal mass.

So what exactly is thermal mass? Let’s find out!

Thermal mass is nothing but the ability of the log home to ingest, accumulate and release heat or cold over time. Because of the cellular structure of the log, it’s designed to soak and release heat as the nearby temperatures fluctuate. This gives one a warm home in winters and a cool home during the summer season.

There was one comparison study that was conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). It was found that the real energy used for both types of homes were basically the same.

There’s One More Study

And there was this study that compared two homes with the same size. One home was log and the another one was standard construction. When the temperature outside reached a minimum of 25° Fahrenheit, the log home required 6 KW hours of electricity for the purpose of maintaining a constant 72° over a 24 hour period.

By comparison, the traditional home required 8.1 KW hours for maintaining the same temperature for the same time. Hence, savings of 2.1 KW of energy over the 24 hour period produced energy savings of 25%. Can it get any better than this?


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