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5 W’s of Duck Hunting That Helps Beginners to Get Ready for Duck Season

Are you seasoned duck hunters? Need to know about all the basic things that can help you prepared for the upcoming duck hunting? If yes, then here are the five W’s that help every beginner to get ready for the dunk hunt season.

Duck hunting is one of the most interesting seasonal sports that people love to be a part of this activity, especially during their vacation time. If you are planning for the same, then it is a right time to know more about duck hunting. There are various different equipment and complex regulations have been involved that may scare the beginners. But don’t worry, get the answer to all your hunting questions here.

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Here are the 5 W’s of Duck Hunting that Every Beginner Should Know:

Who: Since there are nearly 30 different type of ducks available in the world, so it is better to know what you will you be hunting? Every duck type follows different hunting styles so before heading out to your local duck watering hole, you will need to know what type of ducks you will be hunting this season. Also, don’t forget to check about the hunting regulations, bag limits and restrictions on a type of ducks.

What: What equipment should you bring while hunting these ducks? Duck hunting is one of the more gear-intensive shooting sports, so it is important that you get the right gears for a successful hunt. The gears that you need to bring is duck friendly decoys, calls, camo gear, boat, blind, dogs, guns and so on.

When: Duck hunting season generally starts in the fall and goes through winters. The best advice to plan for duck hunting is with the experienced person so that you can easily shoot the ducks in real time. Also, you can go with a group that guides you when to shoot is extremely important.

Where: During the peak season, you can find the ducks in and around the water. Field hunting is also an option, but success rates will be much lower. Ducks feed, migrate and generally hand out in pretty much any body of water. You will find ducks in wetlands, marshes, ponds, rivers, lakes, bays and sloughs.

Why: Why people choose duck hunting? Duck hunting is simply popular just because it is challenging, highly involved and required skills, patience, and conservation.

These are the basic information that every beginner must be aware of before stepping to duck hunting.

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