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Why to Hire Tables and Chairs for Your Wedding in Advance

Organising a wedding is no walk in the park. Because it needs a lot of hard work as well as planning. There are plenty of things that one needs to be checked off from the to-do list before the special day.

Some tasks are always given the topmost priority. These include fixing, date, time and venue of the wedding. Well, there are other tasks that may not seem very crucial, but they can cause stress if ignored. Keeping this in mind, it’s important you to go for table and chair hire Melbourne in advance.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to securing tables and chairs early for your wedding:

1. The Peak Season
In some months of the year you’ll find beautiful blooms and pleasant weather. They’re are the best to get married. In fact, many people on the verge of getting married prefer these months for their special day.

Is your wedding on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during peak season? If yes, then you should get your act together and book tables and chairs beforehand. If you miss out, someone eager like you will walk away with the booking.

Thus, it’s advisable to get in touch with a professional Melbourne table and chair hire service at least 12-10 months in advance. That way you’ll be able to secure your chosen tables and chairs.

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P.S – Other important dates to book tables and chairs for your wedding include before a long weekend. Even booking before a public holiday is the smart move.

2. Avoid Relying on Final Numbers
The fact remains true that RSVPs keep coming till the last minute. But don’t you let this change your mind from booking tables and chairs early? When booking, make sure you leave a provision for reduction in the number of tables and chairs. You never know when you might need to reduce the furniture.

3. Double Check the Package
You may be thinking that tables and chairs may be a part of the venue package. But, if you’re using the furniture from the venue, it becomes important for you to double check what’s included in the package.

When go for the table and chair hire Melbourne, do check their quality. The type of furniture, the material, the design and other items – all these should be checked.


No doubt about the fact that tables and chairs play a very important role for any wedding. In fact, they’re also the first items one books before the arrival of their big day.

There are times when the couples walk out feeling disappointed. They’re somehow not able to get their chosen tables and chairs. This is because they’re booked by some other couple like them. Of course, it leads to unwanted panic and stress as well. Booking tables and chairs in advance is the right thing to do.

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