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How Does a Deep Tissue Massage Help to Lose Weight

Massage promoted weight loss as it kneads your skin, your muscles, and bodily tissue. It provides you several benefits in a number of ways which may also help in releasing stress, relaxing injured tissue, increasing flexibility as well as stimulating endorphins. Overall, it has several health benefits which improve your life by reducing accumulated fat as well.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Weight Loss

Besides its common benefit to provide you a complete relaxation, improved blood circulation and improving your metabolism, it comes up with enormous health benefits.

A Massage therapy is known to generate caloric deficit which takes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound fat. Just a certain part of your body doesn’t help you achieve this deficit. You need to reduce your calories consumption and also, increase your physical activity.

It is important to massage the whole body as massaging a certain part doesn’t help to reach the deficit. A hit of a deficit of 500 calories will cut down the burn. You can lose 1 pound of weight every week whereas a daily deficit of 750 helps you lose approx 1.5 pounds weight in a week.

A massage will help you a lot to reduce your weight if you combine with laser energy and radio waves. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluids in your body to provide the better results. If you are considering a laser therapy to reduce your weight, you will have to keep working on your body to maintain the weight.

A deep tissue massage increases the blood flow where the finger pressure works to improve blood circulation. This is the best way to provide sufficient oxygen to your blood vessels and cells.

Deep Tissue Massage Reduces Cellulite

Deep tissue massage helps in reducing cellulite which may claim to help in weight reduction treatments. Deep tissue massage is known by its new term known as cellulite massage which reduces the lumpiness from the different areas. It improves blood circulation and softens fatty areas that help in shedding some fat. It targets the lymphatic system which drains out the fluids and toxins from your body by leaving a great impact going deeper into your skin layers. It is proved to be an ideal way of making your body look toned in an ideal manner.

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