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9 Reasons Why Massage is Good for Your Health

Don’t you think getting a massage feels great? Absolutely? But do you know that massage benefits your overall health and well-being immensely?

There is no denying the fact that massages is a lot more than just relaxing. As a matter of fact, one’s natural gut feelings turn to massages in need. And this is the reason why anyone considering a self-massage tends to have aching muscles. This has led to the tremendous popularity of massage therapy.

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Here are nine reasons why getting a massage is good for your mind and body:

1.Reduces Headaches

Have a tension-type headache? Suffering from migraines? As per the medical search, it’s been proven that getting massages at regular intervals can help reduce or even eliminate the agonizing problem.

2.Improves Heart Health

Getting a massage allows your heart to return to its normal functional levels. That way you don’t face life-threatening conditions due to a malfunctioning cardiovascular system.

3.Reduces Joint Pain

Joint pain is undountedly a common issue that’s experienced by everyone. Right from women who’re expecting to the sufferers of fibromyalgia, getting a regular massage will help them get rid of joint pain.

4.Increases Blood Circulation

Getting a massage will leave you with improved blood circulation inside the body. The sessions help the blood to carry the right amounts of oxygenated blood throughout the body at an enhanced speed.

5.Reduces Anxiety

Around 40 million people in the United States have some form of anxiety that takes toll on their health. Anxiety is also responsible for almost one-third of total mental health expenses in the country. When you consider the idea of getting a massage, it cuts your body’s level of stress hormones in half.

6.Improves Sleep

Massage encourages a good night’s sleep and also helps those individuals that are not able to rest comfortably.

Massage is that health-boosting technique that not only promotes sleep but relaxation as well in those who’re undergoing chemo or radiation therapy.

7.Reduces Less Levels

What can be more relaxing than a mild comforting massage? The more relaxed you feel, the lesser stress hormones are released into the body. In fact, massage is so effective that it can even help you control your periods if they’ve been unfavorably affected by a lot of stress.

8.Improves Breathing

Massaging of the chest, back and upper body helps to relax the respiratory muscles that makes breathing easier. Moreover, the increase in circulation of the blood to the lungs also helps to carry nutrients frees the body of carbon dioxide.

9.Promotes Flexibility

A majority of people are not as flexible as they would like to be. It causes painful stiffness. When you get a sports massage, it increases your flexibility to a greater extent.


Massages can be found in a wide range of styles and lengths, It means that people with highly chaotic lifestyles can make the most of this health improving technique. There are several massage uses that can benefit you in some way or the other.

Don’t forget that a lot of pain, stress and tension will decrease after each massage session.

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