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5 Different Types of Massage You Need to Know About

Thinking about what type of massage will be suitable for you? With so many different types of massage available, you’d soon find yourself feeling overwhelmed. So many massage techniques and not much time left at hand, you know the answer to “Why massage is the best option for me”, but it also becomes important for you to find out which type of massage will help you relieve tension or anxiety (if that’s what you really suffer from).

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To help you choose the best massage suitable for you, we’ve listed five different types of massage techniques that you should know about.

1.Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is undoubtedly the most common type of massage therapy. This massage is designed to warm up the tissue of the muscle for releasing toxins. That’s not all! It helps one get much needed relief from tension as well as soreness.

This type of massage stringently focuses on improving blood flow to the skin and muscle as well. Many people looking to a massage prefer Swedish for its variety of great benefits, including reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, improved circulation and enhanced overall state of health.

2.Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can be considered a combination of various massage techniques. All of these techniques are used to increase the level of pressure that’s applied to the body. This type of massage is done more with the elbow or forearm so that more pressure can be exerted into the tissue.

As it uses more pressure, it can therefore be a bit more uncomfortable when compared to a Swedish massage. The therapist applies more intense pressure specifically to release chronic muscle tension or knots. And it seems the best option for those patients who have continuous muscle tension.

3.Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is one of the most popular techniques that many people opt for. This is because it’s not only relaxing but therapeutic as well. The therapist uses warm, rounded stones and places them on the hands, back or belly so that your muscles can be warmed. At the same time they perform a gentle massage on other body parts.

The shape of the stones enable the therapist or masseuse to use special techniques for the sake of delivering more therapeutic benefit. These benefits are the ones that can really be felt.

4.Sports Massage

This type of massage is designed for generally for pre- or post-sports event work. For instance, you might consider the idea of getting a sports massage the day of an event such as a half-marathon so that you can get your body ready for the activity.

Sports massage is not as relaxing as other different types of massage. No need to be a professional athlete to be able to get a sports massage. It’s a perfect option for anyone who’s physically active.

5.Prenatal Massage

Are you pregnant? If yes, then it becomes very important for you to work with a therapist who’s experienced and adept at prenatal massage. This massage incorporates instruction in specific modifications which is used for keeping the baby protected and relieving symptoms like edema (swelling). This massage is also useful for low back pain that’s the common occurrence during pregnancy.


So above are some different types of massage that will help you determine “Why massage is best for me”.

You must understand the differences as they will help you choose the most effective massage technique for relieving discomfort. Although there are several specialized massage techniques which are being implemented nowadays, Swedish massage is the most widely practiced one.

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