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4 Best Juicing Recipes that Boost Metabolism to Reduce Fat

Juicing is proved to be the most successful way of boosting metabolism and burning excess fat and thus, helpful in reducing weight. When you start searching the ways to reduce accumulated fat from your body, it is the best ever way of trying juicing which will be beneficial in boosting your metabolism.

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Find the best juicing recipes that boost metabolism:

Minty-Citrus: Grapefruit+Orange+Mint+Lettuce

This is the perfect recipe for beginners which will also be beneficial to give you something that combats fat at the same time. If you have a craving to consume something sweet with quite good ingredients that are helpful in burning excess fat. It is shown in a study that the phytochemicals presence in grapefruit beneficial for weight-loss by controlling the insulin level which means that insulin spikes after every meal are controlled and body is capable of processing food used as energy instead of storing on your body.

Absolutely Delicious: Lime+Apple+Pineapple+Cucumber+Wheatgrass

This is one of those delicious summer drinks you don’t want to miss everyday. Make a full tumbler of delicious green juice recipe before going out to have outside food or anytime you sense that you have to go for an unhealthy dining option.

Pineapple contains enzymes that aid your digestion and wheat-grass accelerates your metabolism which gives your digestion a boost. It takes an edge off your hunger and reduces your appetite. However, you will end up eating less whatever you want to eat due to its ability to digest better and quicker.

Spicy-Sweet Green Juice: Pineapple+Kale Leaves+Cucumber+Jalapeno

The best weight-loss recipe of metabolism-quickening goodness will be quite helpful to reduce your belly flab and give you a well-toned body. Pineapple provides a completely refreshing feeling as this is a light juice consists of lots of vitamins and trace minerals. It adds digestion-aiding bromelain to mix which makes it easier for your body to convert into energy-giving fuel.

In this recipe, the kale will provide the significant source of vitamin K which is very important for blood health as well as strong bones. A little green provides more calcium than milk and iron per calorie than red beef.

A Tasty & Nutritious Recipe: Carrots+Apple+Cucumber+Beet+Celery+Ginger

A glass full of a bright pink juice will help you to start a healthy day which will brighten your face and assist sculpt your form. The carrot will give you the beta-carotene which is very important for anti-oxidant and helpful to slow down your body’s aging process. It offers a good quantity of A and C along with alpha-carotene and lutein which is good for a healthy heart.


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