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An Easy Guide to Buying an Air Purifier for Your Home

Every homeowner wants to create a healthy environment in their home. So, it’s important to have an air purifier that works in your favor.

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Here we share an easy guide that will help you make the right choice when it comes to buying an air purifier for your home:

What does an air purifier do?

An air purifier is a very useful device that eliminates the amount of pollutants that are in the air. Some examples of these pollutants include mold, viruses, bacteria, odors and so on. It even removes dust, pollen, pet dander and cigarette smoke from the air.

What should I consider when buying the best air purifier for my home?

Well, you need to consider what kind of solution you’re looking for, and which air purifier technologies may be suitable for your needs. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before buying the device:


To begin with, consider if you want an air purifier with a shut-off timer or other features, including the one with an ability to sensor air contaminants in the air, a filter life indicator, or a UV light.


The performance of air purifiers varies from model to model depending on what amounts of pollutants they can eliminate from the air. For instance, a lower-end air purifier may have the ability to eliminate only 30% of pollutants. On the other hand, a top-quality device can eliminate up to 99.97% of pollutants.

Square Footage

The area where the air purifier will be placed in your home will make a great difference in its performance. Make sure you decide where you’re likely to place the device before making a purchase. Also, consider the square footage of the space to be covered by the air purifier.


The warranty of air purifier benefits you in every way, especially if you plan to use the unit for long and face issues likely to occur after years. Go for an air purifier with an impressive warranty period.

Which air purifier will be suitable for my home?

When it comes to buying one of the best air purifiers, you need to understand what the problems are that you’re trying to solve with it. A lot of people with allergies and asthma look for an air purifier that can provide them much needed relief with the type of air purifier.

Are there any additional air purifier features and technologies I need to know about?


The pre-filter is a filter layer that can be detached. It captures particles like dust and hair and increases the life of the main HEPA filter. These filters are designed to be washable or vacuumed.

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light (UV) can be used for the sake of neutralizing bacteria that accumulate on the filter of air purifier.

Filter Life Indicator

A filter life indicator is a digital display on the air purifier. It notifies you when the air purifier is full and is in need of replacement. These indicators are usually based upon a filter life as recommended by the manufacturer.

Shut-off Timer

There are some air purifiers that come equipped with a built-in timer. This timer can be set for automatically shutting off the device after an allotted amount of time.


Air purifiers available on the market eliminate pollutants from the air in one’s home. The internal environment that you get is fresh and free of any foul smell, and this smell is the one that’s healthier for you to breathe.

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