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Where Can I Place My Air Purifier for High Performance?

“What is the best location for me to put my air purifier?” This is one common question among every consumer.

Of course, you want to have your air purifier placed in a location where you can get greatest performance. And when it comes to choosing the right location for your device, it can become overwhelming for you.

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Trust us when we say that the decision of where to place your room air purifier can affect the performance. That’s not all! It’ll also influence the potential for improving air quality in your home.

Before we proceed further throwing light on the best location for the air purifier, let’s gather some important details about the area needing air purification.

So, here’s the question “How large is the area that needs air purification?”

For one, it’s crucial for you to check out the space that’s in need of air purification. Start measuring the square footage of the room in which you need air purification. Know that air purifiers have the biggest amount of area they can cover, for example: 650 sq ft.

Have a larger room? Every now and then you’d need more than one home air purification system.

P.S – An air purifier with the appropriate coverage area exceeding the actual room’s size it’s put in will clean with effectiveness.

So, what’s the perfect location for an air purifier?

It goes without saying that the perfect location for an air purifier is inside the room that needs the treatment. Don’t you forget the clearance requirement for several different types of room air purifiers?

Some devices (air purifiers) can be put close to walls while there are others that need space around them, taking up the excess room. For instance, if the air purifier pulls out air from every side, avoid placing it directly against the wall. Why? This is because it’ll cause an adverse effect on the complete efficiency of the unit.

Here are some places where you can place your air purifier:

Put the Air Purifier Next to the Source
Does someone smoke in your home? Or, is there a foul-smelling area? That’s exactly where you should place your air purifier. If the air purifier is closest to the air pollutant, it’ll trap the particles that annoy you.

Do you have a neighbour who keeps smoking which leads to some odours flowing into your home? Then you must put the air purifier close to the vent or wall where the odour seems more intense.

Avoid Placing the Air Purifier in the Corner
Make sure you choose a location that’s not behind furniture. Even placing the device directly below shelves is a strict NO-NO. Since most room air purifiers absorb near the front of the machine, you (of course) want the device to see the whole room so it can have access to a plethora of airborne particles that seem uncontrolled.

Most Effective When Alone
It’s true that air purifiers are most effective when they’re alone, as in when all the doors and windows are closed. That way the air purifier can clean the air in the room without facing interference from the hallway or any other room.


No need to worry about making a space for your air purifier. This is because there are several places inside your home that would be suitable for your device. Place your air purifier in a room that needs to be treated.

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