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Some Air Purifier Options and Features You Should Know About

If you run an online search, you can find air purifiers in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can find a several various options in these devices.

When it comes to the comparison of two air purifiers, it’s crucial for you to know their functionality and how each feature operates. That way it’ll become easy for you to make an informed decision on which of the products will be suitable for your needs.

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There are various features and other options so you should know how each one of them works.

Filter Change Indicator

Does an air purifier contain a physical filter of any type? If yes, then it has to be changed regularly for the device to operate without any problems. Alas! Filters do not last for good.

But, how will you come to know that you need to change the filter? Do you prefer doing it once per month, every three months, every six months (bi-annually) or every twelve months (yearly)?

A filter change indicator takes the guess work out of when it’s time to get the filter changed. Once the lost has lost its abilities to purify air, the indicator lights up for alerting you that it needs to be changed.

Air Quality Sensors

Not every air purifier monitors the air quality to determine how it should work. There are some cost-effective products that contain an on/off switch and a fan speed setting. It’s entirely depends on you whether the air purifier should work on low, high or turbo mode.

Air quality sensors are the best feature to have on an air purifier. Why? Because they monitor the air for those particles that can be detrimental to one’s health constantly.

Remote Control

Every air purifier is controlled by buttons or knobs on the device. There are some products that offer a remote control feature. That way it becomes easy for you to control the device from anywhere in the room.


Not every air purifer can be moved from one location to another. Some of them are meant to be set in one spot. There are others that contain wheels or a handle letting you move the device to different rooms in the house.

Fan Speed

Every air purifier consists of at least two fan speeds. It controls how fast the device operates when it comes to cleaning the air inside a room.

Carbon Filter

A carbon filter, also known as a charcoal filter, is used dispose of odours inside a room. This type of filter has the biggest surface area that does an outstanding job at absorbing smells which are created by pets, smoke, chemicals, cooking and so on.

For more information on air purifiers, visit aeris. It’ll help you make the right decision when choosing a specific air purifier for your room.

AHAM Certification

The AHAM certification is placed only on those devices that have either met or exceeded a stringent set of air purification standards. This seal was created to assist consumers in comparing various products in a proper way.

This certification is called a CADR rating. And it focuses on three types of airborne pollutants:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Tobacco Smoke

The CADR rating is shown as a set of 3 numbers. This rating tells you how effective an air purifier is at lessening specific types of particles. For example, 150/200/180. If the number is bigger, the product will be better at filtering the air for that sort of particle.


The air inside your home often seems much more polluted than the air outside. Spending most of our time inside the house make us prone to getting ailments. These include asthma, allergies and respiratory issues. Using an air purifier will help you make the most of cleaner and healthier air no matter you’re in your home or at work.

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