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5 Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Air Purifier

Living, breathing and having a sound sleep can all be made better by air purifiers. These home appliances play a very important role as they largely contribute to improving quality of the air in the house.







Here are some important things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best air purifier for your home:

1.What exactly are you looking for?

Before you go ahead and make a choice for the right air purifier or air cleaner, you need to determine whether you need this appliance for the removal of pollen, dander, gas, allergens, smoke and so on. That way you’ll be able to choose the air purifier you’re looking for, because certain air purifiers can remove certain air pollutants.

2.What features do you need?

Done with the selection of the type and size of the appliance as important as an air purifier? Now you need to consider what all features you want in the air cleaner.

Some of the added features are as follows:

  • Handles for convenient mobility
  • Remote controls
  • Digital controls
  • Filter change indicators
  • Caster wheels
  • Air quality sensors

There are several other features other than the ones above. They not only give one great control over the appliance’s performance, but also add convenience when it comes to operating the air purifier.

3.Air Exchange

The air purifier is a great appliance that features something known as an air exchange cycle. It’s the time taken by air purifiers to filter the entire air in the room and release it back. This rating is the air exchange per hour.

Well, it should range between 2 and 8 to ensure that the appliance is refreshing the air in the room. Don’t you forget to pay attention to this number when ordering an air purifier online?

4. High Clean Air Delivery Rate

If the clean air delivery rate is higher, more air will get purified. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a standard measurement of the total volume of air that an air purification system can clean of an air contaminant in an hour. A higher number states that the unit is capable of cleaning the air of that specific contaminant.

5.Reliability & Warranty

Buying a cheap air purifier with not so good warranty would do you no good. Want to know why? This is because you’ll have to get the unit replaced than you’d like. Thus, you must look for a reputable air purifier manufacturer that can offer you the best warranty. The best warranties are the ones that offer five years on the main fan as well as motor parts.

Reliable air purifiers will not have any problems with its working parts as long as the filters are taken care of in the right way i.e. They’re cleaned regularly or replaces when needed.


Air pollution and poor air quality is usually correlated with the outdoors, but it’s true that the air quality in your house or office could be unacceptable. As per the studies conducted, it’s proven that the air all of us inhale indoors can be as much as polluted as outdoors. Thus, it’s wise to invest in a high quality air purifier.

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