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5 Reasons Why You Need a Room Air Purifier for Your Home

If there is one thing we all do every day, it’s breathing. When we breathe, we’re unwillingly introduce outside air into our bodies. Well, oxygen is all that would be in this outside air, but if we tell you the truth, there’s a lot more going inside when we breathe.

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There’s no denying the fact that health plays a great role in our lives being the most important aspect. As per studies, adding a room air purifier to your home can certainly make a huge difference not only to your health, but quality of life. These air purifiers play a very crucial role whether it’s about preventing a heart disease or helping some students at school.

Here are 5 reasons why a room air purifier will be beneficial for your health and your loved ones at home:


Some of the most common air pollutants you may find in your home include bacteria, pollen, fungi and mold, pet allergens, plant spores etc. These are the particles that can irritate allergies. When we get allergies, they make us miserable with itchy skin or eyes, runny noses, coughing or sneezing. They can also result in dark circles under the eyes.

When you use a room air purifier, it quickly removes airborne particles from the air. It doesn’t allow these particles to reenter the room. This device will not allow particles to circulate in your home.


Children are highly getting prone to an asthma attack and allergies are responsible for triggering asthma in children. Well, other asthma sources are related to traffic pollution and smoke. Using an air purifier for your home will be the right thing to do as it’ll help you control asthma to a greater extent.


VOCs, better known as Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs are those chemical gasses that are released from cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials, adhesives and office as well. A lot of people inhale these gases on a regular basis. They don’t even realize that they could have breathing problems in the long run.

Working in an area where VOCs are present? Or, living in such area? Then it becomes a must for you to consider a room air purifier that comes loaded with carbon-based filters.


There are so many children who’re born with allergies as well as asthma. And there are others who develop these with time. When you have a room air purifier for the little ones in your home, you make sure that your most important loved ones at home are not inhaling air pollutants that could affect them.

5.Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is the one that can pollute indoor air making it worse for the people to breathe in. Not only does it emit odours and smoke particles, it also discharges pollution which can pollute the indoors. It can even pose a challenge for you to get rid of the foul odours and air pollution.

Second hand smoke causes a great harm to the children, or people with allergies or asthma. Using a room air purifier for removing smoke particles is what you should do. If you’re a smoker or know someone who’s a smoker and a frequent visitor to your home, it’s wise to know that smoke can travel throughout the rooms in the home.

Final Words

Room air purifiers are specifically designed for the removal of the most common air pollutants from the air. These air purifiers give us the ability to breathe more of the pure oxygen and less of the noxious pollutants.

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