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A Guide to types of Visas if You are Planning for Immigration to Australia from the UK!

Excellent quality of life, free basic amenities like education and a medical and a laidback lifestyle, there are many reasons why one wants to migrate to Australia. However, one of the major factors which have attracted the Irish people in the last few years is the flourishing the economy of Australia.

Today, Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world which has created some excellent job opportunities. This is the main reason why people are planning for immigration to Australia from the UK. So, if you are also planning the same then here are some keynotes that you must know!

Guide to Visas!

Everybody knows that the most important thing that you need to migrate to Australia is an Australian Visa. However, to get the right visa you first need to be aware of your purpose to visit Australia. Whether you want to work or study in Australia or you have plans to set up your business in Australia. You must know whether you want a temporary or permanent visa. Based on these factors, you can apply for the right type of visa to suit your needs.

Temporary Visa
The temporary visa includes the application of visas on the basis of travel, study or work. A working holiday visa usually allows the people falling in the age group of 18 to 30 years old to travel, work or study for up to one year. Such visas can also be extended. These visas are ideally suited for young people who want to explore the culture of Australia. To be eligible for a working holiday visa, you need to show the proof that you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself in Australia. Moreover, such visas do not allow dependent children to accompany you.

Student Visa
Under subclass 500, a student willing to study in Australia can apply for a student visa. There has been an outgrowth in the number of Irish students being granted student visas. To apply for this visa, you need to show some documents like ‘COE’ (Confirmation of Enrollment) and GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) as proof that your intention in Australia is temporary for the purpose of the study. Some students may need to provide a certificate of English language test to show English proficiency.

Permanent Visas
Permanent Residency visas allow you to stay in Australia forever. If you have been granted this visa, it means you have become a permanent resident of Australia which entitles you to the basic facilities provided by the Australian Government. For example, you are eligible for Australia’s healthcare scheme., you can sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence, etc. You do need to provide the relevant documents to apply for this visa.

General Skilled Migration program
Skilled workers can apply for permanent visas through the Australian General Skilled Migration Program. Such a program has been made to meet current skill shortages. In the General Skilled Migration Program, workers whose skills are listed in the skills shortage list can apply for this visa even if they don’t have an employer to sponsor. However, they do need to provide an expression of interest.


So, if you wish for the immigration to Australia from the UK, these are the types of visas that you can apply for on the basis of your requirements.

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