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Are Glass Splashbacks the Best Alternative to Tiles in the Kitchen?

If you’re a designated cook in your house, then you surely must be looking for something that can give a unique makeover to the kitchen (one of the most important parts of the house). Look no further than a glass splashback!

Why should you consider glass splashbacks for your kitchen?

Well, there are not few but endless reasons making for the fact why glass splashbacks have become so popular these days. They’re are the most outstanding alternative to tiles in the kitchen not only for their visual appeal but several other functional benefits they serve every homeowner with (provide the latter has glass splashbacks installed in their kitchen).

There are a few good reasons why choosing glass splashbacks is the smartest move you can make to transform yout kitchen into something that seems aesthetically pleasing. We’d like to share these reasons with you.

  1. Protects Your Walls – When you get a glass splashback installed into your kitchen, it keeps your walls protected from stains, splashes etc. Tiled splashbacks, on the other hand, can easily get damaged due to splashes and those unwanted spills. With a glass splashback, there are no chances for gaps or grouting seams to occur, which makes it the best wall protector.

Kitchne Glass Splashbacks

2. Easy Installation – Don’t you think it’d take a lot of time, if you were to get that conventional tiled splashback installed? Of course, the installation would depend on the size of your kitchen.Hiring a professional will be the right thing to do because they will offer a supply as well as fit service. They will install a glass splashback which results in a quick and perfect finish. Need we say more?

3. Shiny – One of the biggest reasons why people give importance to glass splashbacks over tiled splashbacks is that they have an awesome shine. Moreover, they reflect the light in the most effective way. That way you can illuminate your kitchen and create a brilliant reflection.


4. Choice of Colours – Get spoilt for choice as there’s a wide range of colours in a glass splashback. Red, black, pink and lime green are some colours you can choose from for your kitchen.

There was a time when homeowners largely put emphasis to the use of tile splashbacks for that beauty. As time passed by and due to some improvements in technology, people began turning to glass splashbacks – the best alternative to tiles.

Final Thoughts

Not only are glass splashbacks smooth, they’re easy to clean. Moreover, they don’t make anyone have a hard time when it comes to their maintenance. They can even change your kitchen’s design with a wide range of bright colours according to your needs and other preferences.

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