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Get Your US Post Office Address Changed Online in No Time

The United States Postal Service is urging all movers to change their USPS address online (of course an easy and convenient way). If you are moving, you want all of your important communication mails to be forwarded to your new address. It can be a bill, a financial statement or any other item that may have your old address on them.

Visiting the Post Office somehow used to more of a hassle because you had to visit the post office, wait in line, fill the correct form, sign it and turn it in. This process easily used to take at least 30 minutes or more. Moreover, an employee deployed at the post office had trouble in understanding or reading what’s written in the form and entered incorrect information into the system.

Now no more hassles! Since the day unique platform which we all know by the name of the ‘Internet’ has come into existence, everything has been streamlined. You can easily change your US post office address online and it won’t take long for the entire address changing process to be completed.

How can I change my US post office address online?

For any mover, one of the most important tasks they will need to accomplish is the US post office change of address online. And there are a lot of reliable and professional third party agents that have consistently been serving movers like you with the effortless US post office change of address.

A professional 3rd party agent that has been into this business for long thoroughly understands the fact that changing the postal address with USPS through post office is cumbersome and annoying. And this is exactly where a third party agent steps in. Not only will it streamline and expedite the USPS change of address requests for movers, but makes every possible attempt to make the moving process uncomplicated and faster in every possible way.

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Moving can be a real monotonous job which can be filled with complexities at some point. There’s already a lot you have got to take care of with regard to moving and simply have no time to waste waiting in a long line at the post office dealing with the government paperwork.

A leading and highest rated third party agent will provide you all the necessary resources so your move becomes as smooth as possible. That’s not all! It will even submit the address change form (PS-FORM 3575) on your behalf, provide the right guidance on other burdensome paperwork (if any) and a lot more. The fee for the USPS address change includes the $1.00 USPS filing charge and the third party agent will file your official address change request with the US Post Office. For your benefit, it will even notify up to 100 organizations regarding your address change. Can it get any better than this?

Some Address Change Benefits You May Not Know

  • Endless Address Change within 90 Days
  • Address Change Email Support
  • Save Yourself from Hassles Waiting in Line
  • Save Gas & Time Significantly
  • Instant Savings Coupons Worth Over $500
  • Free Online Movers Guide
  • Free Address Change Filing for Your Family

With such great benefits above, who would not want a reliable third party agent to assist them meticulously in the US post office change of address?


Do you know how many Americans move every year? Around 40 million. That’s quite a figure, isn’t it? What if we told you that the move made by these Americans created a lot of waste? It surely does. It even causes harm to the environment in some way or the other. If you really are concerned about saving the environment, you must go for the US post office change of address online.


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