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4 Things You Must Know About Hog Hunting

Every time when you do a hog hunting, you can go through with tons of hunting feedbacks that will help you learn where to go for hog hunting and how to hunt these wild boars. The first pigs are believed to have been brought into Florida in 1539 by explorer Hernando de Soto. They brought pigs with them as a traveling food source but as traveled throughout the southeastern part of the US hogs got loose from time to time and soon their numbers have been multiplied. Since their presence is at alerting stage, a number of states have given the permission of hog hunting even without a license to keep a control on their numbers.

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If you are planning hog hunting trip in Florida then you must have a look on these tips that help you stay safe while tracking these hogs.

1. They are Smart Dogs

It is no wonder in this fact that wild boars are very smart as a dog. Many studies have concluded that pigs could do the same cognitive tasks that chimpanzees could do. So that means that hogs don’t handle hunting pressure, they remember well and learn fast. When they feel pressured they either move on or become worse. They are such an aggressive animal that can cause danger while hunting them with no experience.

2. They are Always On The Move

When hogs are on their feet, they are moving as they can’t fix at one place. When feeding in a field or standing at feeder they are always moving. When they are grouped up with other wild pigs, they tend to create huge noise and let you in advance about their presence.

3. They Have Strong Smelling Power

Hogs don’t have the best eyesight but they have unbeatable smelling power. They do have a solid hearing but the best defense a hog has is his nose. Almost 99.99% of the time you will not fool the nose of a hog. In case the wind is wrong, it is not going to happen. According to research report it has been observed that hogs can sense some odors from as far away as 5-7 miles and detect odors underground as far as 25 ft. You can easily fool the eyes but can’t for its nose.

4. Check The Hunting Weather

Hogs do not have any sweat glands which means that they have to take measures to keep them cool in the heat. Many hog hunters choose the summers as a hunting season as they know that hogs can’t handle heat and much stress. When its hot, hogs tend to stay along the water in the thickest cover possible.

Know more about the wild yet aggressive hogs that are difficult to track and hunt without any professional assistance. However, by determining this thing you can at least cater the ground level information about the hog hunting.

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