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Follow these Safety Tips when Hunting Wild Boar with Dogs

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Every amateur or family wants to ensure their safety first when it comes to planning a hunting trip. So you have a guided hunting tour with the assistance of skilled tour guides or trainers. You must try using safety gears as well the moment you arrive in the area or when planning a wild boar hunting with dogs.

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Have a Look onto Safety Tips when Hunting with Dogs:

Wild hogs are exceptionally dangerous and violent so one can harm you very badly due to its destructive nature. They can be difficult to stop once you make them angry so ensure you are aware of all tips or recommendation to ensure your safety:

Do you have a weapon?

You must have something to protect yourself from this wild creature that weighs 150-300 pounds. Stopping it quickly or ensure you are far from his attack requires a firepower so make sure you have a gun with minimum caliber of .260 to hit him hard.

Pick your Tree

An injured hog is a deadly hog so you must have a tree so that you can climb up on a tree-stand and stay there in an elevated position which holds back a wild boar to attack there. You must know which tree can save your life and provide you a support in a dangerous situation.

Don’t Forget a Good Communication Device

Don’t forget to carry a good communication device because you never know how these wild hogs group can cover you from everywhere. An individual hog might not be a threat to some hunters but a group can surround to make the situation quite difficult for you. At least you can communicate with someone when you can’t reach to your tree or even when you have reached there but seeking a help to get down.

However, it’s always better to have a helping hand prior to your visit at the hunting site. Why don’t you hunt from a distance or have a hunting dog to catch or kill a wild boar?

Let’s know the types of dogs breed you can use for hunting a wild boar:

Many people go for hunting in their own hunting style. Some prefer hunting with a rifle whereas others use a bow. But lots of more people feel safer and more exciting while hunting with dogs as they don’t need to worry about the risk involved in hunting a wild boar. If you are planning a hunting trip, it’s better to consider the different hunting procedures to gain a different experience of hunting a wild boar every time.

Here’s a List of Hunting Dogs:

Lacy Dogs: This breed is basically originated in Texas and especially, trained for hunting hogs. They are very strong breed, quite loyal and very aggressive so that you can enjoy hunting in a different way. These dogs are very energetic and usually, used for the tasks like hunting and ranching.

Pit Bull: This breed is a perfect for taking down a wild boar very forcefully. Their teeth are very strong and thus, bite very wildly. They can bite very strongly, hold tightly and shake their prey until they let them completely down to the ground. With an immense jaw and noticeable strength, it is considered a catch dog.

Catahoula Cur: This is one of the most attentive breeds and considered as the best hog hunting bay dogs. They have very distinctive glassy eyes with patchy markings. By nature, you can consider them a good breed of family dogs but need quite aggressive in catching the hogs.

Black Mouth Cur: The blackmouth cur is a great breed which can be kept for the multi-purpose. Due to its friendliness, you can bring this loving dog to your family and can also us them for the protection of your land or for the security of your home as well. They are very active, smart and strong breed who can hunt their prey very aggressively.

Mountain Cur: Not only for their good temperament around people but also for their capability of tracking a wild boar with ease, they are highly preferred for hunting wild hogs. They have a multi-color coat that has different colored patches.

Florida Cracker Cur: This breed of Florida Cur is bred in Florida that has different characteristics and colors but specifically bred for traits. Not only for their looks, they are considered one of the best catch dogs for hunting a wild boar in the South area.

The list of hunting dogs are not going to end here, but these best breeds really bring a lot of excitement in the entire hunting process.

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