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How to Find the Right Psychologist in Melbourne?

A Psychologist is a professional who studies the cognitive, social and emotional behavior of an individual. He treats people with various mental conditions like depression, stress, panic attacks, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

The most important task in the process of finding the right psychologist is recognizing the fact that you do need a psychologist. Many people don’t even realize that they are suffering from any mental illness or condition which needs to be cured. Often people feel embarrassed or ashamed of talking about such issues.

Consulting a doctor for physical illness is not as difficult for many people as it is to consult a psychologist. But such stigma related to mental disorders needs to be eradicated to make people realize that there is nothing wrong in consulting a professional help to treat your state of mind. Your mental and emotional health needs your equal attention as your physical health.

So, once you are aware of your mental condition and the fact that you require the help of a psychologist to treat it, your next move will be to find a psychologist.

If you are looking for a psychologist in Melbourne then it is necessary to choose the right one. There are a plethora of options for you in Melbourne but to choose the one who is fit for you is a very important task. So, be very cautious.

Here we have compiled the ways to find the best psychologist in Melbourne. Before taking any final decision, you must ask the following questions to the psychologist. Find out whether the answer to these questions are satisfactory or not.


How long the psychologist has been practicing?

The first question to ask is about the past experience of the psychologist and also his success record. Ask how long has he been practicing?

When it comes to mental health, don’t take any chances and look for only experienced professional. An experienced professional must have already successfully dealt with the mental condition you are going through. And thus, the psychologist will exactly know how to provide the best treatment.

Is he properly licensed?
Another question to ask is whether the psychologist is properly licensed to practice psychology or not? A licensed psychologist will give you assurance and peace of mind that he is professionally trained and qualified in the field and is authorized to work.

To ensure the qualification, you may also find out about his educational background and from where he has been trained in psychology.

What is his approach?
The approach of a psychologist and his ways to treat his patient plays a vital role in his successful dealings. A good psychologist always strives to establish and maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with his patient to win over his trust. The relationship between a patient and a doctor needs to be honest and trustful.

Moreover, a psychologist should adopt a human existential approach to make their patients aware of their own unconscious mind to help them to deal with reality. Before choosing the psychologist, you must make sure whether his counseling approaches matches what you need.

Apart from all the above, you may look for online websites and reviews to find the best psychologist in Melbourne.

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