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Find The Fun Ideas For Celebrating First Birthday Party

Get your video cameras charged and bring a special candy cake for a birthday party!! After all, it’s your pride’s first birthday….

Congratulations, you have finally made it through the first year of parenthood after all your hard efforts!! Baby’s first birthday is a lifetime affair for parents, so it’s your responsibility to make it so so so special and memorable one.

If you are feeling confused that where to start your planning then put on your party planning hat and get inspired to throw the wonderful party of the year with these fun yet creative party ideas.

1. Party Favors

Happy Birthday
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No matter how young and old your guests are, everyone loves a goodies bag. But when you are planning something as special as a first birthday party, it might be the last thing you think about. You can get something crafty and DIY special gift items for your guests or you can purchase the ready goodie bags as per your budget. However, don’t sweat the favor too much!!!

2. Party Games and Crafts

Jungle Safari Lunch Napkins
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For young guests, the main attraction of the first birthday party is game zone. So don’t forget to keep your little guests entertained with some fun party activities. Try to make things age-appropriate so that everybody enjoys to their fullest.

3. Party Decoration

Triangle Flower Bunting
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Whether it’s a boy or girl, they probably got a favorite character or toy so you can bring it to life on his/her 1st birthday bash. You can pick printer balloon of his/her favorite cartoon, door panels, wall frills, and party poppers with vibrant colors to add great excitement to the party theme. If it’s a baby boy then keep your decoration theme color blue and consider pink for your little angel.

4. Make Interesting Menu

When it comes to planning the menu, less is definitely more for such young party guests. Guests may bring their own prepared for their child. So a simple and stylish idea is to book a caterer who can provide you best food for your party as per the grown ups taste.

5. Fun Party Invitations

Dinosaur Party Invitations Envelopes
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If you have decided any theme for the party let say, if it’s a jungle theme so make your invitation cards with that theme. Use a drawing or photo of favorite jungle animal or take a photo of your child in a jungle animal consume to boost the fun of your party.

Create no mistake and plan a wonderful birthday party with these practical tips and ideas.

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