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Face Scan or Fingerprint Scan – Which Time Clock is Better

A biometric time and attendance system is a type of time management software which takes the unique physical traits of each employee into consideration so they can clock in and out of the company. This system helps companies to calculate the attendance and payroll.

Some of the aspects that can be well utilized by a time clock system include face scanning, hand print, fingerprint scan, iris pattern and the list goes on.

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Here are some points that will help you make the right choice for your company:

  • As the name implies, fingerprint time clocks are the ones which scan the unique fingerprints of each employee. Once the scanning is done, they match the fingerprint with existing and already recorded prints allowing them to enter. One will impossible to cheat them which will lead to buddy punching and other related things. Speaking of face scan time clocks, on the other hand, they record the facial characteristics of each employee and are awfully hard to cheat. When compared fingerprint time clocks, face scan time clocks take a long time to scan and verify faces taking individual features like eyes, ears, nose etc.
  • Fingerprint scan machines or time and attendance systems are highly precise when compared to the facial recognition system. This is due to the fact that while a fingerprint remains the same consistently, an employee’s facial features can change with time, makeup and other reasons as well.
  • While fingerprint face scan systems are adaptable in every kind of environment, facial recognition may not be able to work in direct sunlight especially it’s of an inferior quality.
  • In case of fingerprint time clocks, one needs the hand or thumb print verification and they have to touch the machine to do so. However, in case of face scan systems, it’s mandatory for an employee to stand in front of the camera for the sake of verification.
  • Face scan machines are highly prone to falling into the wrong hands. This is due to the fact that such a system may store photos of employees which can be a threat. In case of using fingerprint time clocks, there is no safety threat.

No doubt about the fact that biometric time clock is one of the best payroll management systems. When it comes to finding the right time management solution for your company, there are several ideas, systems and software that you’ll come across, but none of them seem to be work as effective as a time clock.

You must decide which type of time clock is better for your company – face scan or fingerprint scan. Both of them have their own set of pros and cons. So you have to choose the right one for your company.

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