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Empty Leg Private Jet – Enjoy the Luxury and Comfort

The perks of flying on a private jet will always remain unmatched. You cannot express the comfort, convenience, and luxury in plain words. And it seems suddenly so clear why empty leg flights are becoming popular. Now jetsetters can reap every possible benefit out of empty leg flights. They can grab discounted fares besides opting for a jet upgrade. Can it get any better than this?

Looking to book a private flight for business or pleasure? May be you have read or heard the term “empty leg private jet” a couple of times. But have you any idea what these flights are and how they can work in your favor?

So, what is an empty leg private flight?

There are a few terms for empty legs in the aviation industry. These include “empty flights”, “one-way flights”, “ferry flights”, “repositioning legs”, and “dead-heads”. Empty legs are private jets that take to the air without any passenger on board. That way they can reposition for a flight or return to home base. Both private jet as well as crew need to return to the point of origin.

If conducted an online research, you’ll find many reputable private jet charter service providers that sell “empty legs” at lower prices.

Many frequent travelers make the most of these one-way flights. This is because these flights cost 10-30 percent less than traditional charter flights. But there are some cases when these flights cost even half the price. When an empty leg private flight takes place, the flight sections are usually discounted.

empty leg
Source: Charter Jet Airlines

What are the characteristics of an empty leg?

Besides providing some great benefits to jetsetters, an empty leg private flight has certain restrictions imposed. This is because these jets fly for no reason on any particular day or time.

Here are some of the characteristics of an empty leg:

  •  It’s always a fixed flight
  •  It’s always a one way flight
  •  It’s always a last minute flight
  •  It always has a discounted price
  •  A traveler must adjust their flight schedule to this time

The benefits of these legs, also called a “one-way” is, if you aren’t on a tight schedule, you can take pleasure in the luxury and comfort of flying on a private jet, at a discounted price.

empty leg private flight


The private jet charter industry is growing with pace. More and more business executives and individuals prefer empty legs. They discover the advantages provided by an effective flight. So, if you have an upcoming business meeting or vacation, an empty leg private jet is the best way to explore.

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