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Different types of Car Lifts

A car lift or auto lift is one of the common equipment found in garages or auto shops used in the vertical movement of the vehicle. Car lifts are available in all the sizes and shapes.

Their increasing demand in the market led to the production of various types of car lifts to serve various purposes. Here we will discuss the types of car lifts.

Car lifts are divided into two main categories- one engages the vehicle by wheels and the other one is that which engages by the frame.

Types of Car Lifts

Two Post Lifts
Two post car lifts frame-engaging lifts which are requisite for the vehicle service industry. Two Post Lifts comes in two types in the market- the first one is symmetrical and the second one is asymmetrical.

Though, you need to take care of the car doors in the case of symmetrical car lifts. It can carry varying loads and it is cheaper.

Four Post Lifts
It is the most popular wheel engaging car lift and is used commonly in the vehicle repair industry. Four Post Lifts are stiff and powerful due to the additional support provided by four posts.

In fact, some four post lifts don’t even require anchorage to the floor. However, since extra mechanics and materials are used in its manufacturing, it is costlier than the two post lifts.

Parking Lifts
AS the name suggests, Parking lifts are used in the private or public parking areas. With parking lifts, two cars can occupy a single parking space.

It usually uses single or two posts and consists of a lifting platform to prevent the flow of fluids from leaking to the car beneath it. Parking lifts are smaller in size than the four post lifts.

Scissor Lift
Scissors lift has a metal frame of X’s joined to lift the platform having a vehicle on it, commonly used as mid-lift style hoist. It comes in various sizes from the big to the small one and is flexible. Due to its varying size, it can be kept easily in the home and in automotive shops.

There are both wheel and frame engaging models of scissors lift available in the market. It is commonly used when lifting your vehicle to the great heights is not required like for wheel service.

Other than the above-mentioned car lifts, there are other types of car lifts too like Automotive Lifts, Speciality Lifts, Motorcycle Lifts, etc. However, the listed car lifts are the main types of car lifts which are used widely.

So, if you need car lifts, choose wisely to suit your needs. If you are looking for car lifts in Brisbane, You can buy, as per your requirement, from Classic Lift Australia.

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