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Choosing The Right Type of Massage Therapy For Your Body Needs

With the availability of so many massage therapies, from classic Swedish to deep tissue to more exotic massage styles, choosing the right style of massage therapy is quite confusing. So find out the different style of massage to know what exactly it involves in the particular massage.

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Choosing from a menu of different massage techniques may sound like a heavenly dilemma but your one wrong choice can badly affect your body. It is not just about your preferences for light or deep tissue massage, but also about your health and physical condition right now. So how do you understand that which therapy or massage technique is best for your health concerns? Here’s how to find your best options to get the greatest therapeutic benefit from your massage.

Here are the most popular massage types from which you can choose from:

Swedish Massage: Best Recommended for Relaxation, Reduce Soreness and Stress Relief

Swedish massage is one of the most common forms of massage these days that is purely designed to just warm up your muscle tissue to release toxins, tension, and soreness. This massage technique includes longer and slower strokes than any other massage forms. It is usually practiced with hands and sometimes with the forearms. This therapy is lighter than any other massage form and advised for shoulders and lower back.

Deep Tissue Massage: Advised for Chronic Muscle Pain, Repetitive Strain and Improve Postural Problems

As its name reflects, it is designed to concentrate on the deep layers of tissue and applied high pressure. It’s often done more with the forearm or elbow to help impose more pressure into the tissue. This type of therapy not only reduce the chronic body pain but also increase the flexibility of your muscles.

Hot Stone Massage: Best For Easing Muscles Tension Without Applied Deep Pressure

A hot stone massage might look and feel too good to be therapeutic, but these stones are also used for a clinical purpose. Therapies will use round shaped stones around your shoulder blade or in a lower back or neck area to really relax your tissues. In this type of massage, pre-heated stones have been used and include the longest massage sessions.

Sports Massage: Preventing and Treating Sports Injury and Enhancing Athletic Performance

Sports massage is especially recommended for the pre and post sports event. It is not like other relaxing massages, the higher pressure and fast strokes have been used in this massage. Sports massage help you stretch your body and reduce the muscle stiffness.

Whether you choose a deep tissue massage or a stone massage it is important that your massage therapist must be trained to perform any particular massage. They must have special skills and experience in providing quality massage.

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