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How Can You Keep Your Garage Safe from a Thief?

Have an attached garage to your home? If yes, you might not realize but it’s a known fact an attached garage is the focal point of your home that can easily be broken through by thieves to fulfil their selfish motive i.e., robbing your house. A garage, being the most vulnerable entry point into your home, must always be secure to prevent any possible invasions that can occur anytime (mostly taking place after dark).

Here we share some useful tips for you to take defensive action and make your home more secure at those areas that seem too vulnerable:

Garage door windows

Garage doors and garage windows offer housebreakers a chance to evaluate your belongings without even entering your property in real. It is usually an easy job for a robber to glance at a garage door window because there is hardly a risk of being noticed.

Thinking about the easy way to get this problem fixed? Replace your garage door with the one that does not have a window. You can also frost or cover garage windows.

Garage door windows

Don’t leave your garage door open

It may sound understandable, but there are many stories popping up every other day when intruders never had to break into a house. When homeowners leave a garage door open, they are leaving awfully vulnerable to robbery allowing burglars to simply walk into the property and make away with possessions deemed valuable.

Even if you are at home, don’t forget to keep the garage door shut to reduce the risk of being robbed.

Don’t leave your garage door open

Spotlight your garage area

When you install a bright light near your garage, it will surely work to your advantage. It will prevent thieves from entering your property in the hours of darkness. A spotlight equipped with motion sensors that a burglar may find it hard to reach will be an ideal solution.

Spotlight your garage area

Label your possessions

This may sound getting a bit much, but labeling costly equipment, such as lawn mowers, power tools and automotive equipment with your name will help you get them back if they’re stolen.


Strengthen the door leading into the house

Make sure the door from the garage into the house should be as safe and sound as the front door. If a robber makes it to your garage, the next target is your house. Keep in mind that the door from inside the garage is made of solid-core wood or toughened steel. That way it will discourage a robber making him to call off his plan of action.

Garage Door

Car keys

A lot of homeowners tend to leave their keys inside the car after parking it in the garage. Doing so is extremely risky as it makes it easy for burglars to access your home. Not only will they steal your car, but they would have access to all the valuable information you may have in your vehicle.

Car Keys

Garage door openers

A common mistake made by many homeowners is leaving their garage door opener remotes inside of a car parked in the driveway. Even if the vehicle is locked, breaking into it is only a matter of time allowing a thief to access the garage door opener and rob a home.

While it may seem like an annoyance, make sure you bring the garage door opener inside as it’s worth the effort made.

Garage door opener

Install an alarm system

It’s true that many homeowners do not even think about adding garage door control to their home alarm systems, but it plays an essential role when it comes to maintaining home security. Your garage may store some of the priciest items, so why not secure your garage with the installation of an alarm system?

If there is one thing that is preferred by housebreakers when it comes to getting into one’s house, it is a garage. An attached garage to one’s home makes it easy for thieves to make away with valuables.

Install an alarm system  for secured garage

In generally, a garage somewhat seems isolated from the rest of the house and any robber won’t have a hard time breaking into a home. Once in the garage, a robber can go without being detected and can gain access into the home without any hassles. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your garage secure from a thief.

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