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You Must Know these Common Mistakes When Searching a Serviced Office

Business owners make a lot of mistakes while choosing their office space. In Australia, it is even more important to check the available office spaces but professionals find it more important to choose a place where different talent can come to share their ideas and skills.

Not all coworking spaces are same so you should look for the best ones by avoiding these common mistakes business owners often make when choosing a serviced office.

Do you know what they are signing up for?

Before signing up for a share office space, ensure you know what you are signing up for. You should inquire about all scheduled activities or ask if you need to attend these events. So, if you need to work in peace, request for a dedicated quiet place only. But there will be noise during the networking events, community interactions, happy hours and play times in a coworking space.

Know your need first and type of your company you need

Many coworking spaces are designed to cater a certain type of business whereas some serve all business types. Find the right office space with the architect you want and the right fit for your company. Also, you can choose a work space surrounded by the people of the same stream.

Did you choose the right location?

Why choosing a work location, ensure the location is accessible by your employees as well. Choose a center place or an easily accessible location with a neighborhood feasible for employees as well. Ease connectivity through a public transport is better with nearby places where you can easily go for a quick feast.

What about the safety of this workplace?

You must have collected all essential information to know about the protection of your belongings or clear your safety concern. You would be concerned about the safety of your laptop, important files, documents and other electronic devices. So, talk about these important areas before you end up by signing a contract.

Do they have hidden cost or additional charges?

It’s important to be aware of all additional charges or different facilities. However, you can have an estimate of the entire amount you are charged for a serviced office. Also, know a tentative amount of an extended number of employees, seats, and bandwidth.

Did you understand the lease terms?

A one-year lease is common for the shared workplace but there are other communities you can explore for shorter or flexible terms. Go for a three or six months lease first to ensure you can work in a shared workplace. Also, get a clarity about hidden policies such as hidden fees, charges or penalties.

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