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Broken Garage Door Springs – A Job for a Pro or a DIYer

Heard a loud sound from using your garage door opener in your Minneapolis home? Garage door not operating at all? Odds are there’s something terribly wrong with the spring and it calls for replacement. Why? The huge amount of pressure they’re under makes them immensely prone to snapping – at which they will definitely need expert replacement to operate smoothly.

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If you are like most homeowners considering their garage doors a piece of machinery, then you have not paid much attention to your garage door springs. Talking about garage door torsion springs, it seems so clear why these components play a vital role when it comes to opening or closing your garage door.

Why do garage door springs snap or break?

Well, there’s not just one but many reasons for garage door springs to go bad. These springs can break or snap over time if they are not given much needed TLC. Wear and tear, constant changes in temperature, and last but certainly not least, wrong adjustment.

Even the lack of maintenance would prevent you from opening your closing your garage door because its springs were not given the maintenance they were due. It completely disrupts the system and you cannot afford to lose time, as it can make things worse.

Broken Garage Door Spring
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What route shall I take – a DIY or a Pro?

Needless to say, you want the effective and quick replacement for your broken garage door springs. In such a situation, should you rely on your instinct to go ahead and carry out the repair by yourself, or call in a pro for a quick fix?

Well, there are many who prefer to go DIY rather than hiring a garage door repair pro. If you really want to know which path you should be following, it will work to your advantage if you’re eager to know about one crucial thing that comprises adopting a DIY approach i.e., safety.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
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Ask yourself “What safety measures do I need to consider when fixing broken/snapped garage door springs?” In plain English, would you be really safe while carrying out broken garage door spring repairs?

We recommend that you leave such a complicated job for the pros. Allow us tell to tell you why. Garage door springs are deeply wound which means that they have a lot of torque within them. When they fall apart, they can cause anyone a serious injury. Even those with “gotta have” that fix kind of feeling eventually give up and turn over to the pros. But still there are some situations for enthusiastic DIYers who want to give a try to the approach by applying a lubricant to extremely loud springs.

A professional garage door repair company like Reliable Garage Door will always recommend to leave the job of broken garage door spring replacement to those techs who are adept at fixing a component as dangerous as a broken/snapped garage door spring. We serve customers with the best garage door spring repair services in Minneapolis, MN and and other surrounding areas 24-7.

Reliable Garage Door Technician Repairing Broken Spring


Trying your hands at the self repair quick fix may cause the spring to fly loose which can be damaging not only for your property but your health. It can even result in one’s death. So, hold yourself back and let the pros work to your satisfaction. In the end, you can’t help but expressing your gratitude for a timely and an effective fix.

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